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Robots came about to help people. the first robot was made in 1961 and joined the assembly line at General Motors (GM) ever since people are striving to find new technology to better our population.

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When will robots come out?

Robots will be coming out in about 2015 in the u.s.a

Do robots come in all shapes sizes and colors?

Yes. Robots come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

Where did the term robots come from?


Why do robots come after people?

because we have tho build them

Could computers and robots exist if everything was inorganic?

Computers and robots are inorganic, so they could indeed exist. the question is whether or not computers and robots could have come about in a universe that is inorganic.

Is it true that robots can come out of clocks and go in peoples backs?


What are the release dates for My America - 2012 Where do Robots Come From 1-39?

My America - 2012 Where do Robots Come From 1-39 was released on: USA: 30 October 2012

When did rock em sock em robots come out?

The original Rock'em Sock'em Robots set was released in 1966 by the Marx toy company

Where have robots come from?

The main robot building countries are France and Japan

What have engineers at Berkeley come up with for use on robots?

Electronic Skin

Will robots from tf2 come to life?

maybe prohaps i will crate them. MVM

What are some robots that help around the house?

robots,robots and robots

Can a wireless B adapter connect to G router?

no robots will come out and kill you

Do robots come in different colours?

most of hem are silver but we are hoping to improve them

Did any satellites or robots explore earth and in which year?

satellites are in use to find ruins, Old camps, Etc in rain forests. As for robots i am not sure about in the wilderness the military does have robots that can map out buildings on its own and come back to the operator.

What are names of a robot?

There are humanoid robots, military robots, insect robots, and space robots. There are more kinds of robots too.

Will the story of 9 come true?

see: Will robots ever take over the world?the answer is there

How many robots went to Pluto?

No robots have been to Pluto just yet. However, come July 2015, the spacecraft New Horizons will arrive to study Pluto and it's moons.

Will robots come out 2010?

Yes, it is the FIRST, It represent For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology program

Are the Bionicles Robots?

Yes. They are robots.

What robots help in hospitals?

robots that are

Are big robots or small robots faster?

I think that big robots because they make bigger steps than the smaller robots...;)

What was the name of a cartoon that come on in the mid to late 90's humans were in outer space and mars had been colonized the were space pirates and people and the hop in these robots to fight?

ninja robots

Why robots and not humans into space?

well robots last longer and need very little upkeep when humans must come down and age and die.... but then again if somone hacked into it they could control it.

Did Saturn have any robots or satellites?

Saturn has a great many satellites. I'm not quite sure where "robots" come into the question. If you mean "have humans sent robotic space probes to Saturn", then the answer is yes.

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