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It was a tradition dating back to greek times, in those days they believed that when you died you had to pay the ferry man on the river styx to cross, if you didn't have two bits of gold you were doomed to never enter the afterlife. when someone died on land gold coins were placed on their eyes before the funeral pyre was lit, but sailors at sea ran the risk of the boat sinking or falling off and drowning, so there would be no way for two coins to be placed with them after death. eventually someone got the idea to wear two gold earrings, so that they could use that gold to pay the ferry man. even tho that religious belief no longer continues sailors tend to be the most superstitious of any profession, as their lives are always at risk. breaking tradition is just asking for bad luck to come looking for you, so still sailors get earrings because its tradition.

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Q: Why did sailors wear gold earrings?
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No. The wearing of earrings was an ancient and common habit among sailors . It started as a superstition that wearing a silver ring in ones left ear kept the devil from settling on your shoulder. Sailors found that if they were marooned or deserted ship in foreign lands with nothing they could swap their earring for money. So they began to wear two earrings and then they switched to more valuable gold when they could afford it. The larger your earrings the more money they could be exchanged for. sailors in a cash rich trade like piracy are very likely to have worn large gold earrings.

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