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The reason why Ciara broke up with Bow Wow is because he cheated on her with a stripper!!!!!!!!!

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โˆ™ 2008-02-20 04:43:34
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Q: Why did she stop dating bow wow?
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Who are bow wow now dating?

Bow Wow is dating no one

Is Angela simmons dating Lloyd or bow wow?

no she is not dating Lloyd she is dating bow wow

Who is lil bow wow dating?

Bow wow is dating Khleo Thomas

Who is bow wow dating now?

Bow Wow is single he isn't dating anyong.He is looking for a girlfriend

Who is Bow Wow dating?

Bow Wow is actually single.He is not dating anyone at the moment.He is looking though.

Are Bow Wow and Nicki Minaj dating?

No, they are not dating.

Who is Bow Wow dating at this moment?

Bow wow is going out with Merima Kajevic right now , she is his manager.

Is bow wow dating omarion?


Is ciara Dating Bow Wow?

No he is dating Angela Simmons.

Bow wow in melody thorton dating?

Yes, they are dating.

Is Bow Wow dating anyone?

He is back to dating Paula DeAnda

Who is Tiffany evans dating?

bow wow

Is bow wow engaged?

No he is just dating

Is paula deanda dating bow wow?


Is lil bow wow dating ciara?

no she is not

Are Lil Mama and Bow Wow dating?


Was Bow Wow in a relationship with Ciara?

Yes, Ciara & Bow Wow began dating in 2005, but their relationship ended in April 2006 due to Bow Wow allegedly cheating on Ciara.

Is bow wow dating melody thornton?

yes they am dating, it turns out they have been for a couple of months now, and 1 of bowwow's mates said that bow wow has never been happier.

Are dolicia Bryant and bow wow dating?


Is bow wow still dating melody thornton?


Is bow wow dating li mama?

no never

Who is bow wow dating now in 2010?

no one

Is melody thornton dating jibbs?

No. She was featured in his video. She was reportly dating Bow Wow.

Is Bow Wow dating Ciara?

Bow Wow dated R&B singer Ciara until early 2006. They are no longer together.

How old were Bow Wow and Ciara when they began dating?