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Because they stayed around the dying to give them the Last Rites, and so, were exposed continually to the disease.

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A great many priests died, as they were the ones called in to give the Last Rites to the dying, and in doing so, they themselves were infected.

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Black Death was spread by direct contact. And by fleas as well. Priests had to go and treat people thus. It also spread from dead bodies.

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To teach people about God! x

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Q: Why did so many priests die during the black death?
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How many British people died during the black death?

a lot

How many different times did the black death occur?

Black Death was spread during 1346 to 1353. It also reoccurred many times there after till 19th century.

What clothes did medieval priests wear?

many of the monks and priests usaully wore black/brown robesanswer: priest's did not wear black clothing. Monks wore black. Priests usually wore white

How many were killed from the black death during the middle ages?

100 Million.

What are the dates when the Black Death killed Europeans?

The dates for the Black Death in Europe were 1347 to 1352. After that it returned many times, but was not as bad as it was during those years.

How many men died during the Black Death?

about 25 million persons died of the plague.

How did the black death affect groups like foreigners and the church?

The Black Death killed millions. It affected the Catholic Church because good priests that tried to help the dying, caught the disease themselves and died. Sometimes people not qualified to be priests, were made priests anyway because of the lack of qualified candidates. People began to question the priesthood. Foreigners, especially Jewish ones were considered to be a cause of the plague. Many Jewish communities were wiped out.

How were the universities affected as Europe recovered from the black death?

Many students left the universities in Europe during the Black Death due to either their own illness or the rampant illness in the cities. After the Black Death was under control, the universities started to repopulate.

How many peasants died in the plague caused by the Black Death?

Over Half of Europe died during the Black death period

How many people used to live in a medieval village during the black death?

The Black Death wiped out 1/3 of the population, up to 60% of the people in a town (depending on the size) were dead.

Was the black death during the Renaissance?

The Black Death was an outbreak of bubonic plague that happened in 1347 to 1352. This was a time that was before the end of the Middle Ages, but the Middle Ages and the Renaissance overlap to some extent, and many historians would put this after the Renaissance began. Also, the bubonic plague, or Black Death, returned many times after the Middle Ages, including during the Renaissance.

How many people died in mecca during the black death?

2/3 almost 20 million i think