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Why did soccer have a big impact on Americans?


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Soccer had a big impact on America for 2 reasons, one is the influx of foreign born nationals ( Polish, Mexican, German etc who enjoy the game. The second is the start of organized soccer by these immigrants outside the normal core of baseball, football, basketball etc that encourage running and fitness. American love new things and we are just a bit late to engage in a sport that others have enjoyed at a high level for centuries.


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Voyagers like Columbus and Vespucci had big impacts on the Americans. Most if the Americans became deathly ill because of the diseases brought over by them.

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The full name for "soccer" is "Association Football," which is so called to differentiate it from other games called Football. Association Football has so many syllables that it has been shortened to "Football." Then when Americans made there own football they renamed it soccer. Americans and Americans only call it soccer

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