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Q: Why did some Americans belibe the fugitive act was unfair?
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How do you use ancestors in a sentence with unfair?

"some of these ancestors were also unfair in some ways." "Early ancestors of Native Americans and African Americans have been treated unfairly." "Caucasians have been unfair to African American ancestors in the past."

Why did some Americans believe the fugitive act was unfair?

Many U.S northern citizens were against slavery and thought since the North was all free states, that a slave in the north was automatically free. This was not the case. The bounty hunters would arrest the slave and even free African Americans. Despite the controversy, even Abraham Lincoln believed the law was wrong but agreed to enforce it.

Why were African Americans treated unfairly during the Civil War?

African Americans were brought over as slaves. That is more that unfair treatment. Some were convinced that African Americans were less able than Caucasians.

Why did some Americans believe Fugitive Slave Act?

The Fugitive Slave Act was part of the Compromise of 1850 and it was done to satisfy abolitionists who were in Congress. While slavery was outlawed in Washington, D.C. under this compromise, the Fugitive Slave Act allowed slaves to be returned to their masters and those who housed their escape to be punished.

Do any of the Hammurabi codes seem unfair?

Yes, some of the codes seem unfair.

Why did some northerners support personl liberty laws?

Some Northerners supported personal liberty laws because they opposed the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, which required the return of escaped slaves to their owners. By passing personal liberty laws, these Northerners aimed to protect the rights of free African Americans and prevent the capture and return of fugitive slaves in their states.

What is a sentence for unfair?

It is unfair that some employees receive preferential treatment based on personal relationships with the boss.

What are some unfair things in Italy?

very UNfair communist's. government isn't fair ether

Was the fugitive slave law effective?

The Fugitive Slave Law of 1850 made it easier for slave owners to recapture escaped slaves, but it also stirred controversy and resistance in the North. The law did result in the capture and return of some fugitive slaves, but it also heightened tensions between the North and South over the issue of slavery and contributed to the growing conflict that eventually led to the Civil War.

What are synonyms of the word unfair?

Some synonyms for the adjective unfair are dishonest, illegal, inequitable, iniquitous, unjust, wrongful, or wrong.

What were some ways that fugitive slaves rebelled against the 1850 fugitive slave law?

Fugitive slaves rebelled against the 1850 Fugitive Slave Law by escaping to Canada, forming and joining abolitionist groups, participating in the Underground Railroad, and sometimes physically resisting capture by slave catchers. Some fugitive slaves also sought legal assistance and used the court system to fight for their freedom.

What is unfair in life?

the fact that no matter what i type here, some people will disagree. Nothings unfair in life, you're one lucky sperm!