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This was because it was violent and too extreme.

Also, it was treason, which is illegal.

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Q: Why did some abolitionists disagree with john bowns actions?
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Why did some abolitionists disagree with browns actions?

Some abolitionists disagreed with John Brown's actions because they were non-violent. They felt that active, armed attempts at abolition would result in active, armed attempts to keep slavery in tact. They feared the outbreak of a Civil War, which is exactly what happened not long after John Brown's raid.

Who was Violent abolitionists?

John Brown

Garrison and john brown were both?


Who were some of the famous abolitionists?

John Brown

Would John Brown be characterized as a terrorist or a hero based on his actions during the period from 1856 to 1859?

To the Abolitionists, he as a Hero and Martyr. To the Southern slave owners, he was a Terrorist (to use an anachronistic contemporary term).

What was the name of the most famous abolitionists?

Crispus Atiks, John Brown.

Did abolitionists kill slave owners?

No, but that was what John Brown clearly had in mind.

What man death became a rallying point for abolitionists?

John Brown

Why did the North consisder John Brown a martyr?

Most of them didn't. The Abolitionists did. But most Northerners were not Abolitionists, and were just exasperated that all of this was bringing war nearer.

Who were the abolitionists that raided Harpers ferry?

John Brown raided Harper'sFerry inVirginia.

Was john brown a radical murdererer or a hero?

John Brown was a radical and a murderer who was made a martyre by radical abolitionists.

What is the opponents of slavery?

SOMEONE AGAINST SLAVERY WAS DAVID BECKHAM called abolitionists. Nat Turner, Harriet B. Stowe, Fredrick Douglass, William Lloyd Garrison, John Greenleaf Whittier, Charles and John Henry Langston, Robert Purivs, Theodore Weld, and Abby Kelley Foster