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Why did some people not participate in the Holocaust?

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They didn't want to participate. The Holocaust was the mass genecide of some 6 million Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, and other "undesired people". What's amazing is the number of people who DID participate.

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How did some people try to prevent the Holocaust?

Some people helped individuals during the Holocaust. Nobody tried to 'prevent the Holocaust' - even the Allies did not try to do that.

How did Hitler convince the Germans to participate in the holocaust?

He Gave Them Drugs!

What are some of the reasons why people do not to participate in sports.?

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Did Blackbeard participate in the Holocaust?

No, Blackbeard died in 1718 and the Holocaust took place in World War 2 (1939-1945).

How many people were injured in the Holocaust?

The Holocaust was genocide. It was not some war, in which some were killed, some wounded and some taken prisoner.There are no statistics of "Holocaust injured". Please see the related question below.

Why was the wide use of propaganda so important in implementing the holocaust?

It was not, people from other counties who had not been subject to propaganda were just as willing to participate.

Was the Holocaust caused by some insane leaders or did majority of the people like the idea?

The 'majority of the people' were not asked or even informed about the Holocaust.

Why did people participate in or accept Holocaust?

those that participated in the holocaust were convinced that what they were doing was the best for Europe. they believed that a pure Aryan race could be established if they got rid of who they believed did not have pure blood or had "dirty blood"

Who were some people that resisted the Holocaust?

lebron James

Did people that were hiding in the Holocaust die?

Some of the people that were hiding in the Holocaust died, while others were sent to concentration camps. Though brutal, some Jews survived.

What is some impacts of the Holocaust?

Impact of Holocaust: DEATH. Impact on people: made some go insane, left homeless, no family.

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What are the names of people who were in the holocaust?

Some are called "Victims" and some are called "Survivors".

What did people do to resist the holocaust?

People resisted the holocaust by leaving the area or by hiding. Some people did fight back but very few were armed and most were unable to resist.

What were some important Jewish People in the Holocaust?

Anne Frank

Why do some people believe that the Holocaust is a hoax?

Because some people are either anti-semetic, or ignorant.

How is the Holocaust anstisemetic?

it is not. The people who perpetrated the Holocaust may have been, or the Holocaust may have some roots in antisemitism, but it is a name given to the events, it holds not prejudice, it just is.

When were the Jews freed from the Holocaust?

Those who were in the Holocaust will never be freed from the Holocaust. If you are asking when the persecution stopped, then the answer would be 1945, May. But people continued to die because of the the Holocaust for some time afterwards.

How many people participate in some type of Pilates?


Were there any Holocaust camps in America?

No, the US did not participate in the Holocaust. I hope you are not confusing the Holoccaust with World War 2. Please see the related question.

Who was held legally responsible for the Holocaust?

the people who were found guilty at the Geneva convention____Some individuals who committed killings in the Holocaust were put on trial and convicted. Some were hanged.Some who were active in organizing the Holocaust, such as Eichmann.The German Reich.

Why did people betray the Jews during the Holocaust?

There are always some people who behave abominably.

People who dont believe in the Holocaust?

People who do not believe that the holocaust took place are known as 'holocaust deniers.'

Why people paricipate in sports?

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Did some Jewsih people in the holocaust try to escape?

Yes. Some also succeeded.

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