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sting is signing contract with wwe

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he quit the main event mavia because he hates Kurt angles guts and Kurt angle threw sting out of the main event mavia

In January of 2014, Sting was in a match against TNA wrestler Magnus in a no disqualification, no count out match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Due to Sting losing he match his contract was terminated. In February of 2014, TNA confirmed Sting's departure from the company.

The venom in a box jellyfishes sting paralyzes you. It slowly spreads through your blood and eventually within paralysis it causes your heart to quit beating and your brain to quit functioning properly.

to sting: stechensting as in bee sting: Stich

it is unposibe that sting could have a sting tail

They sting they sting.

because simply you have been stung and therfore a bee sting will sting. this is the same for a wasp sting, a wasp sting also stings if you have been stung.

NO, they do not sting.

sting it first, sting it in the teeth

No, dragon flies do not sting.

You put milk on a bee sting because a bee sting is full of acid and by putting an alkali solution on the sting it neutralises the sting (balances it out) so the sting doesnt hurt.

Well, wasp sting is more poisonous than bee sting

If your asking where does stingrays sting you, then they sting you where ever they see you, they might even sting you in the eye be careful when your diving!

It depends on how bad the sting is. If it is a mild sting they should recover, but if it is a major sting it can possibly kill you.

The sting to defend themselves, they only sting when they are being attacked.

The bee might sting, but it will only sting if provoked.

If, as is usually the case, the bee loses its sting it cannot sting again. If it manages to withdraw the sting it can sting again.

They do not sting or bite

all bees sting except drone bees. they do not sting.

a bee sting is acid a wasp sting is base

Bees sting out on you when you bother them, the more you boher them, the more bees sting you.

They are not poisonous but they sting. The sting feels like a bee sting.

If you are referring to hymenoptera (bees and wasps), of those varieties that sting it is only the females that sting. Males do not have a sting. This is because the sting is a modified ovipositor -- an organ that only females would have.