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To test the Gods' omnipotences.

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Q: Why did tantalus test the gods by boiling his son?
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What did Tantalus to anger the gods?

He slayed his son Pelops and fed him to the gods as a test of their omniscience.

Who was the son of Zeus who revealed the secrets of the gods?


What was Tantalus crime?

Tantalus committed the crime of sacrilege by serving his son, Pelops, as a meal to the gods during a banquet. The gods were horrified by this act and punished Tantalus with eternal torment in the afterlife.

Who fed the gods his son in the Odyssey?

tantalus in the Percy Jackson series

Made a stew of his son for the gods?

The One Who Made a Stew of his son, was Tantalus, who tried to please the gods with his greatest gift. Pelops, his son.

He killed and cooked his daughter to please the gods but was punished instead?

Tantalus did it to his son.

What did Tantalus serve to the gods at the banquet in his palace?

Well, just one of his sons.

Why did Tantalus keep losing his food?

Tantalus being punished by the gods for stealing ambrosia and nectar, and for cutting open, boiling, and serving his son as food for the gods. They revived his son and he was sent to Tartarus to stay in a pool of water under a fruit tree. Whenever he would reach up for fruit or bend down for water they would mover away from him. His name is the origin of the word tantalize.

What does Tantalize have to do with mythology?

Tantalize comes from Tantalus who was a king that was loved by the gods and invited to parties with them, but then he offended them because he feed his own son to the gods as dinner for a party. When Zeus found out about this he punished him by sending Tantalus to the underworld were he always will have food just out of his reach and drink that moves away when he tries to drink. Others say that Tantalus was telling secrets about the gods to mortals instead of feeding the gods his own son.

Why was Tantalus punished?

Favored by the gods, Tantalus was allowed to dine with them. Taking advantage of this postition, he either made a meal for the gods of his son Pelops or he told other mortals the secrets of the gods which he had learned at their table. When Tantalus served Pelops to the gods, all except Demeter recognized the food for what it was and refused to eat, but Demeter, grieving for her lost daughter, was distracted and ate the shoulder.

What was the evil deed tantalus committed?

He had his only son, Pelops, killed, and cooked in a great cauldron, and served to the gods.

Whose son was Tantalus?

Tantalus was the son of Zeus the god and Plouto the nymphe.