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Why did television become so popular?

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It distributed information and gave people laughter and entertainment without work or effort.

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When did reality television programs become popular?

40's reality tv start and in 90's it become popular.

Why TV program become popular?

Funny and sexy t.v programs become popular.

What year did TV become popular?

TV become popular in the 1950s. TV has been availed into the markets in the early 20s but only very few people had shown interest.

When did reality tv become popular?


How did the television become popular?

How well it was because of the war and so after they started to watch it to see pictures from the war.

What year did TV become color?

early 1950s tv becoam3e popular

Which of these consumer goods first become popular in the 1950s?

Appliances television

When did TV become popular in homes?

In the 1950's.

Why did Carthage become so popular?

Popular with whom.

When did television become so popular?

Basically, when it was first developed and sold TV was so expensive very few could afford it. but it was always a sort after piece of technology. it was more wide spread when more poeple were able to afford a TV

When TV become popular in the US?

In the late forties, circa l947 commercial TV hit its stride!

What was so popular about television?

It replaced the radio.

What is the most popular television show in 2013?

The most popular show in Television is usually based on the television show with the highest viewer turnout. So far in 2013 the most popular television show is NCIS.

When did television become so popular in America?

Could it did in all the industrialised nations, television became popular very quickly during the early sixties. At that time TVs were quite expensive, and were generally a family activity. They have become progressively cheaper and now the average house has 2-3 TVs. This is having the opposite effect and is isolating family members from each other , and this also makes it easier to feed them propaganda.

Popular tv show in 1930s?

There was no 'broadcast' television as we know it, in the 1930's. It was for the most part, still in the inventors' hands (and minds.) Modern television did not become affordable and popular until the 1950's.

How has The Bay become popular in Canada?

The Bay has become popular in Canada through television and radio commercials and advertisements. They have increased their advertisements a lot in the past few years.

How did basketball become so popular?

basketball has become so popular because of the nba!! the nba has attracted many viewer4s all over the world !!

How did 1960s television series The Twilight Zone become popular?

It became popular because people liked to watch the show.

What was a popular TV show in 1928?

TV was still in its infancy in 1928 so there were no proper TV shows.

Why did Halo become so ingrained in popular culture?

because it is extremely popular.

When did the average person get a TV?

When they started to become really popular in the late 1940's.

How did singers in the 50's become popular?

Record sales, radio and television

Why is tv so popular?

The tv is so important because most of the peoples love tv and they are watching tv series so they are giving trp . Also when they are bored they are watching t.v

Why is 3D TV so popular right now and High Definition is not?

3DTV isn't necessarily popular yet, but it's gaining ground. The idea is still relatively new and HDTV is still more popular than 3DTV. If 3DTV gets popular enough, it may become the new standard for television but that won't happen for a long time.

How chocolate become so popular?

because it tastes so good

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