Why did the 49ers come to California?


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cuz they wanted to say hi to them

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The 49ers football team is from San Francisco, California.

the 49ers were playing.{football 49ers}

The 49ers were all of the miners. The California Gold Rush occured in 1849, ergo, the miners, or people who went west in search for gold, were dubbed "'49ers."

The 49ers were people that headed out to the state of California in search of gold beginning in 1849. The 49ers football team, who play in the Bay Area of California, were named after these gold seekers.

They were called 49ers because most treasure seekers left for california in 1849 hence the name "49ers".

To remind the world of the gold ruch of California in 1849.

The 49ers were gold miners that went to California to mine for gold in 1849.

The San Francisco 49ers home state is California.

'49er' is a reference to the year 1849 and was the nickname of folks who went to California in search of gold in the 19th century in what was known as the 'California Gold Rush'.

Wagon trains of '49ers on their way to the California gold fields-

They were referred to as "49ers" because that was the year the California gold rush started (1849).

Yes! The miners/paners left their home in 1849 so they were called 49ers.

the miners looking for gold in California

The were named after the people who came to California during the gold rush in 1849.

The 49ers were gold seekers that made a mad dash to California. They were seeking wealth beyond compare. The rush began in 1849.

They were called the 49ers because in 1849 thousands of people went to California to find gold. This was called the Gold Rush. And because the Gold Rush was in 1849 they were called the 49ers.

They went to Sacramento California.

The miners went to California in the gold rush were called 49ers.

The oldest team in California is the San Francisco 49ers. They formed in 1946, as part of the AAFC. They have played all their home games in California. The Rams were formed before the 49ers, but had left California, and returned to the state in 2016. They started in Cleveland, and moved to California in 1946. They left California and played from 1995-2015 in Missouri.

They went west because of the California Gold Rush.

Because gold was discovered in California in 1849

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