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They had all ready lived under monarchy and knew that is what they didn't want.

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Q: Why did the American founding fathers decide upon a democracy?
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Why did the founding fathers decide to keep slavery?

so he can have a bat

Why did the founding fathers decide that the United States should be a republic?

The founding fathers felt the US should be a republic because they wanted the US to have freedoms they didn't have in Britain.

What event caused some of the Founding Fathers to decide that the Articles weren't working?

The Constitutional Convention

Why did our founding fathers use a representative government?

They didn't want a king, but to have a government where people decide who is to represent them.

What would the founding fathers call a situation in which 70 of citizens decide to take all the property of the other 30 of the population?


Why did the founding fathers fear a direct democracy?

As they say, "A direct democracy is two wolves and a lamb deciding what to have for dinner." I like that in a representative republic, you let some chosen by the most people go to the capital and do research on things, meet with other representatives, and decide your future based on the expertise that they get that simply is not available to all of us citizens. Of course, you can now also have your future decided by which representatives are paid by the Red Chinese, the labor unions and other non-American entities.

What type of democracy did athens have how did this later affect the creation of american democracy?

Democracy in Athens was a direct democracy. In a direct democracy the people decide on the policy initiatives directly

What kind of government were the Founding Fathers afraid of when they made a point to limit governmental power to protect individual rights?

An Imperialistic government that would decide your rights for you.

Why did the framers decide to write the constitution?

The founding fathers decided to write the constitution so that future leaders of America would have rules they would have to abide by. Without a constitution, the president could do anything he wanted.

Why did the founders decide to have a meeting?

they decide to have meeting Constitution Day Celebrates Our Founding Fathers of the United States of America ...of 42, he served on the panel that decided how long the President's term should be. ...Broom was unable to attend the sessions of the short meeting but he likely Elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1789, he did not take his (*_*) tesfaye ayalew

Who decides how states ratify the amendments?

The system for ratifying Amendments is detailed within the Constitution therefore, by extension, the original creators of the Constitution decide the system by which states ratify Amendments. You can find many examples of these "Founding Fathers" online.

What issues did American face after they declared their independents from Britain?

When the Americans declared their independence from Britain, they were faced with the question of what type of government to have. They had to decide on having monarchy, democracy, or republic.

What is the compare and contrast between Direct Democracy and Representative Democracy?

people decide laws

What is the difference in a direct and an indirect democracy?

A direct democracy is when every single person gets to decide on an issue (i.e. bills, laws, etc.), While an indirect democracy is where people elect representatives to decide on issues for them (i.e. United States).

What are some of the characteristics of democracy?

the people decide

Was the court decision correct in Scott v Sandford?

It was for the court to decide what was correct. And they decided that the Constitution should be interpreted as the Founding Fathers would have meant it. So when they declared that a man's property was sacred, their definition of property would have included slaves.

In a direct democracy who decide government matter?

the king

How democratic were the founding fathers or did they create the Constitution only to fit their needs?

Charles Beard and John P. Roche give marvellous (opposing) opinons on this issue. Beard's writings can be found online in full (see first link below) but, as Roche is still alive he still is trying to make money off his ideas. Find "The Founding Fathers: A Reform Caucus in Action" in a library or at a book store for more info. (In other words, decide for yourself). -Political scientist John P. Roche asserts that the Founding Fathers were not only revolutionaries but also superb democratic politicians who created a Constitution that supported the needs of the nation and at the same time was acceptable to the people.

What is the main aim of democracy?

The main aim of a democracy is to ensure that the people of country have the power to decide who should govern them.

How did the founding fathers build their views into the Constitution?

The founding fathers were afraid of a direct democracy because people in masses are generally stupid. The Electoral College was established to create a republic based of this mistrust of �mobocracy� or the theory that ignorant people would decide an election and the newly elected president would run the country into the ground. The construction of our government fortifies this theory. The judicial branch consists of nine members who retain their positions for life (or good behavior), placed in their office for such a long tenure to counter-act the whims of a current fad in politics. For example, right now conservatism is the driving force in politics, but there are justices in the Supreme Court who are liberal, and these justices will be there for the rest of their lives. Even though the populous advocates the recantation of cases such as Roe v. Wade, this repeal will probably not occur any time soon. The founding fathers, as the intellectual elite of their time, had every right to fear the impulses of those for whom they were creating the constitution. To protect themselves and those like them who would follow, they ensured that there was not only a check on the government itself, but on the governed as well.

What dimocracy was Athens under?

A direct democracy(A democracy in which people decide laws and policies at mass meetings)

What ia another name for indirect democracy where citizens elect representatives who decide policies on their behalf?

It is called "Representative Democracy"

What would the US be if the citizens decide who runs for government?

a democracy?

What does the Greeks developed a direct democracy mean?

Direct democracy or pure democracy is a form of democracy in which people decide on policy initiatives directly. for more reed this article (remove the star in the link) htt*ps://

What is a governmental system where in each citizen may vote directly to decide issues?

That is called a direct democracy (as opposed to a representative democracy).