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They haven't. PBS, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, and Fox News love to play watchdog and find out when criminal activities are taking place. Such as the recent scandal involving certain people in the USA Secret Service and prostitutes in Columbia, when President Obama went there for a visit. The USA news media was all over that story.

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Q: Why did the Americans media step back from their watchdog role?
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The Swine Flu thing is one more time an example of mass hysteria provoked by the media.The Mexican economy is being forced on its knees for a virus that is not much more different than the usual yearly virus flue mutations, or the 'usual' 36'000 casualties of 'regular' flue in the USA. In Mexico there are 22 confirmed swine flue casualties. Just compare.The WHO initiated a badly planned media frenzy, the media loved it, the Chinese overreacted, the french wanted to put a country in quarantine and so many more are happy to cancel whatever communications they have, just for the sake of 'own national protection'.I'm happy to live in Mexico and disgusted by the international media and the WHO.Yeah, it has too much power in fact much much power. How? the media can make or break anything e.g it made Britney Spears & now who's reporting negatively 'bout her?However, the media's power isn't absolute, this' why gov'ts legislate it because absolute power would corrupt the media e.g journalists would become selfish, unobjective, name it. This' why its power is rationed.In summary, media as a watchdog of gov't enables some degree of efficience of gov't officials not forgetting its educational, social responsibility role amongothers. This' question is really big

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The group known as the Fourth Estate refers to the press or media organizations. It is sometimes used to emphasize the important role of the media in democracy and as a check on government power. The term originated in the 18th century, highlighting the media as an unofficial fourth branch of government alongside the legislative, executive, and judicial branches.

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The media plays a crucial role in shaping public opinion, influencing political agendas, and holding government officials accountable. It serves as a watchdog by providing citizens with information about government actions, policies, and decisions. Additionally, media outlets can help facilitate public discourse, promote transparency, and serve as a platform for diverse viewpoints.

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The media press is sometimes referred to as the "Fourth Estate," along with the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government. This term emphasizes the media's role as a watchdog over those in power and its importance in supporting democracy.

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