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Jerusalem sits up on an elevated land mass as compared to the land that surrounds it. So Jesus when up as in elevation not directionally north.

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Q: Why did the Bible say that Christ went up to Jerusalem when He actually traveled south?
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What book of the Bible emphasized Christ's ministry in Jerusalem?

The book of the Bible that emphasizes Christ's ministry in Jerusalem is the Book of John.

Where in the bible does Jesus live again?

Jesus lived in Jerusalem, and traveled in Galilee.

When was Jerusalem Bible created?

Jerusalem Bible was created in 1966.

When did Jesus Christ die and where?

around 33A.D and he died in Jerusalem. you can find this in the gospel readings of the bible. matthew, mark, luke and john.

Is the New Jerusalem Bible Catholic or Protestant?

The New Jerusalem Bible is Catholic.

When was New Jerusalem Bible created?

New Jerusalem Bible was created in 1985.

When was the bible translated into Jerusalem?

Jerusalem is not a language

Why is Jerusalem so important to Medieval Christians?

Because in the Middle Ages , a lot of people were Christian (and if you weren't, you were considered a sin) and in the Bible, Jerusalem was the place where Jesus Christ was crucified (nailed to a cross) and was sent up to Heaven to God. Also Bethlehem is in Jerusalem and (according to the Bible) that is the place where Jesus Christ was born. (I'm not too sure this is right so you should still look it up if I'm wrong)

What did Jesus do in His last 5 days of living?

According to the Bible: Jesus entered Jerusalem on a Sunday. Monday, Tuesday He traveled from Jerusalem to Bethany and back. The rest of the week He spent in Jerusalem. Thursday He ate the Passover Feast with His disciples. On Friday He was arrested and tried and crucified. On Sunday He rose from the dead.

How many times is the word Jerusalem used in the Bible?

The word "Jerusalem" is mentioned approximately 811 times in the Bible.

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Where is the Jerusalem of the Bible today located?

where is the jersulem of the bible ,today