Why did the Big Chicken give peter an expired coupon?

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You want to know the motivations behind Ernie giving Peter an expired coupon, correct.

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Do coupons have an expiration date in a legal sense?

Answer . It doesn't have a experation date because it's just a peice of paper.. All coupons have expiration dates on them, but that is for bookkeepping and accounting reasons for that particular company. The company needs to have a general idea that at some point in time, the little discount in ( Full Answer )

How long can a coupon be used after the expiration date?

Answer . This doesn't even deserve an answer, but not one day after it expires.. It depends on the store where you shop. You need to ask, some stores take all expired coupons, some take up to 6 months after expiration date and some don't budge. .

How big do chickens get?

How big chickens get depends on the breed of the bird. Some willonly grow to the size of a pigeon while others can grow to about 18pounds.

How do you give expired sitekick codes?

You can't it doesn't work if its expired its gone and not useable althought ithink you can get it if someone is trading it or if you already have it then you're safe just don't throw it away.

How big are chickens?

It depends on the breed of the chicken. Bantam chickens are quite small, about 20 centimeters long. Full size hens are about 30 centimeters long, and full size roosters are a bit larger than this.

How big is a chicken?

chickens come in all different sizes they can be big and some can be small it all depends on what type of chicken u have got as there are loads of different breed of them. so no one diss the chickes or else

Can you give expired Benadryl to your dog?

Expired meds are no more safe for dogs than they are for humans. As you and I have no idea what the decomposition of diphenhydramine creates -- No -- don't do it.

How do get chickens to give big eggs?

The breed of the chicken determines the size of the egg. For example, you cannot give a bantam hen a magic elixir to force it to lay extra large eggs. If you want very large eggs you must buy or raise a large breed chicken and feed them the best possible layer pellet.

Why is chicken big?

There is no such thing as a "big" chicken. Only a chicken, a normal chicken. Why are you asking this question? Sick sick mind.... all I have to say

Digital tv converter box coupon expired?

Call 'em and get another one. They know that messed up when they started and should be trying to make good with their coupons. You've got nothing to lose except a few minutes of your time.

Why are chickens big?

Chickens are so big because the eat more than the energy theyexert. Poultry breeders have met the demands of consumers wantinglarger product by feeding chickens more feed and limiting theirexercise. This makes the chickens bigger and obese.

Can chicken give chicken lice?

Yes, chickens can give Chicken Lice. Chicken Lice is a popular parasite among birds. but only if they touch each other

When Coupons have a expired day?

When coupons have an expiration date, you can use them until that date. If it is past the day of expiration, just throw them away because you can't use them any more.

Can you give your dog expired treats?

Sometimes you can but i wouldn't because your dog could get sick just like us when we get sick because we have eaten expired things.

Why do producers give out coupons?

Today more and more manufacturers to participate in the marke t, so beside improving goods quality, they implement promotion to competitive with others. Coupons is one of promotion types. Consumers get coupons or coupon codes to have more favor from retailers and manufactures such as: ( Full Answer )

What stores honor expired or competitors coupons?

Most stores do not accept expired coupons as per their policy, however some stores will accept coupons slighlty past expiration date. There are two reasons for this, first of all, most manufacurer coupons will still scan for a few days and even up to a week or two past expiration before "beeping" so ( Full Answer )

What is the definition of coupon and give examples of coupon?

Coupon is the type of consumer promotion that companies offer to their customers. A type of discount that customers get on shopping. Coupon is a paper or card that contains discounted value with code, it is used by customers physically at the store for getting discounts. Coupon is also availab ( Full Answer )

How big does a chicken run have to be for 15 chickens?

Hi, there should be 8 square feet per bird in the run, so it would have to be 120 square feet, but give them entoh room so that if they want, they can have room without any other chickens 'in there space'.

What hormones does chicken farms give there chickens?

Growth hormones to make them bigger. I advice you to start buying natural or organic because the hormones can affect you. - not Derdeath's work Also they have hormones to make chickens lay eggs faster and hormones to make them want to have sex to reproduce -Derdeath

Is it safe to eat chicken in a can if its after the expiration date?

That depends how long after the expiration, how it has been stored and the condition of the can. Usually, canned food has a "best by", not an "expiration". If the "expiration" is recent and the can has been stored properly and is in good condition, the contents could be safe. Whether or not to us ( Full Answer )

Can you get worms from eating expired chicken?

From what i have heard you can only get worms from toching mud and not washing under your finger nails afterwards because the thread worms eggs get caught, then you bite your nails or eat something and the eggs are getting digested but worms dont generelly live on chickens. no, you dont typically ( Full Answer )

Do Netflix coupons ever expire?

Businesses offer coupons when they intend to increase sales/encourage new customers to sign up.I assume Netflix coupons do expire after a certain interval of time or after a quota has been reached

Do godaddy coupon codes expire?

Like all coupon codes, go daddy coupon codes do in fact expire. Make sure your code is recent as it should say on the actual coupon or wherever you obtained the code online. There are also websites that provide coupons with a success and failure rate shown, along with the expiration date. However ( Full Answer )

Does unopened canned chicken broth expire?

yes it will expire in about 7 years because its in a can, look at the expiry date and it wil tell you, it will be on the top or bottom of the can

Do J.Jill coupons have an expiration date?

J. Jill coupons do have an expiration date. However, every once in awhile a few of the coupons will still work even after the expiration date has passed, so its still worth a try if you find one you really like.

Do eastbay coupons have expiration dates?

Eastbay coupons vary if they have expiration dates. Some coupons have expiration dates placed on them. If the expiration date is absent then they do not expire.

Do Bed Bath and Beyond coupons expire?

Truth is, Bed Bath & Beyond coupons never expire! I just used five coupons from 2008 that are over three years old, and they excepted every one. Maybe that's why they have such great business.

How big of a piece of raw chicken can you give your cat?

If you are living in North America, it is not safe to give raw chicken to your cat at all. Chickens are subject to infection with salmonella, and salmonella can transfer to a cat or human. In Europe, chickens are routinely vaccinated against salmonella, and so there is much less chance of infecti ( Full Answer )

Does Bed Bath and Beyond accept expired coupons?

Bed Bath and Beyond often accepts expired coupons. While it is possible that one could be denied by an associate, it is most often the case that an expired coupons will be accepted.

When do Applebee's coupons expire?

Applebees coupons have different expiration dates due to when they were printed. The expiration date can be found most often on the bottom of the coupon.

Where can one find big o tires coupons online?

One can find coupons and special offers for Big O Tires directly from the company's website. By clicking on the "Savings" heading on their websites, one will find a number of printable coupons and special offers currently available.

Why do Clinique give money off coupons?

Most businesses give coupons to promote their product. In order to earn more money, the president must make a product look more appealing to the consumers so he can dominate the market.

May I use a coupon that expired 10 days ago?

You generally cannot use expired coupons, but stores might havedifferent policies. You can always ask the store whether or notthey will accept it.