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The Cherokees did not willingly move but were forced to move from their homelands, by a US Law called "The Indian Removal Act," making the long trek to "Indian Territory" (later called "Oklahoma" a Choctaw word meaning "Land of the Red Man"), being escorted by the military & state militia to ensure compliance. This was a terrible thing, one of many perpetrated on a people who had been beneficial to early America. Approximately 17,000 were forced to move and approximately 4,000 died from hunger and exposure during the trip.

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Why did Cherokees resist to move westward in the Cherokee resistance?

The Cherokee, as a tribe, did not resist movement to Oklahoma.

What are facts about the Cherokee tribe?

The Cherokee Indian tribe use to live in Georgia,Kentucky, Tennessee Virginia, and the Carolinas.The Cherokee Indians were forced to move to Oklahoma in the 1800's.

Where was the Cherokee tribe located?


What is the Oklahoma Indians tribe?


Why was Cherokee an important tribe in California?

The Cherokee were not important to California during colonial history. The Cherokee (as a tribe) never moved west of Oklahoma.

What is the most populated Indian tribe in Oklahoma?

The Cherokee.

From what region of the US did the Cherokee tribe originate?


Was a Band of the Cherokee Tribe in New York?

No, the Cherokee was at first a southeastern tribe and the US government moved them to Oklahoma to a reservation.

Where did the Cherokee people live?

The Cherokee tribe of Native Americans lived in the area of Georgia and the Carolinas. They were forced by the government to move to Oklahoma so that whites could take their land.

What is the Location of Cherokee tribe?

Cherokee, North Carolina Tahlequah, Oklahoma Lawrence Co., Tennessee

Why the Cherokee agree to move to Oklahoma?

they thought they would get more land in Oklahoma

Why did the Cherokee agree to move away from Oklahoma?

They were promised money by the government if they move

Where did the Cherokee tribe mostly live?

they mostly lived in eastern oklahoma or North carolina.

Where did president Jackson move the Cherokee Indians to?

Oklahoma--"Trail of Tears"

Where did the Cherokee tribe locate after the Trail of Tears?

Most of them got relocated into what is now known as Oklahoma.

Why did the Cherokee agree to move to Oklahoma?

They believed if they didn't move peacefully, they would be moved by force.

Where are most of the Cherokee tribe located?

Oklahoma of course! When they were forced to travel the Trail of Tears all of the Cherokee went there. Most of them still are there today.

Did the Cherokee people attack the White House?

No. The British did in 1812. The Cherokee tribe were not native to the area, but were in Georgia and Florida until they were walked to Oklahoma to a reservation. NO native American tribe EVER attacked the White House.

Where are the Cherokee Indians located?

In many places. Part of the tribe is in Oklahoma, part in North Carolina. Of course, individuals of Cherokee descent live wherever they want to.

Where are Cherokee Indians from?

The Cherokee tribe originated in North Carolina, eventually spreading throughout the southeastern United States. After people discovered gold on Cherokee land in the state of Georgia, President Andrew Jackson ignored Cherokee land rights, eventually forcing the Cherokee (and many other tribes) to move west of the Mississippi River, into present day Oklahoma. Some Cherokee managed to hide in the mountains of North Carolina, to remain in their homeland. Today, the Cherokee nation is divided into the Eastern Band (in North Carolina) and the Cherokee Nation (Oklahoma).

What state did the government move most of the Cherokee to during the Trail of Tears?

to the Oklahoma state

Were Cherokee Plains Indian Tribe?

No, they are regarded as an Eastern Woodland tribe. The Cherokee historically lived in the Great Smokey Mountains in eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina. The majority of them were removed to Oklahoma, on the southern plains, in 1838.

How do you apply for Indian money from the Cherokee Indian tribe?

How do I apply for Indian money? I no my great grandmother was at least 3/4 Cherokee. She lived in Oklahoma back in 1940s

What native American tribe was forced to move west on the trail of tears?

There was more than one Native American tribe that was forced to move west on the trail of tears. BUT the most known and biggest tribe was the Cherokee tribe.

What tribe did Sequoyah belong to?

i think the answer is Cherokee tribe

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