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The English did not so much take New York from the dutch, they convinced them to a trade of territory.

I do now know the exact details of the deal, but I know Surinam was controlled by the English at that point in time, and power of this territory was transferred to the dutch in exchange for New York, there might have been a lot more to the deal, but this is what I know.

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Q: Why did the English take New York from the Dutch?
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Why did the english drive the dutch out of new york?

The English drove the Dutch out of New York so that their English settlers could move further west. The English got the Dutch to give up New York with the Treaty of Westminster.

Why did the English want to take New York from the dutch?

The Dutch did not have a lot of people in it's colony so the British wanted to invade to have New York for it's own.

After the Dutch who went to New York?

The English.

Who settled in New York after the Dutch?


Why did the English drive the dutch from New York?

The English drove the Dutch from New York because England and Holland had gone to war in Europe.

When did the Dutch come to New York?

The Dutch founded New York, but they called it New Amsterdam. The English then forced them out of New Amsterdam and called it New York.

When was the city of New York settled and by who?

The Dutch settled New Amsterdam, Which became New York City after the Dutch surrendered to the English.

Why did the English push the dutch out of new york?

it was fun

How did the Dutch influence the development of New York?

New Amsterdam was a small Dutch trading port, but after some war with the English the Dutch traded it for Suriname with the English which was part of the peace contract. The English renamed it to New York in 1644.

When the English oust the dutch from their colony what did they name it?

The Dutch colony of New Amsterdam became the English colony of New York.

New York was an English colony because the English?

captured it from the dutch

New York was an English colony because the English-?

New York was an English colony because the English conquered New York from the Dutch, and after ceding to the English in the Treaty of Westminster, in 1674.

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