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Why did the Founding Fathers keep slavery in the Constitution?


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Some of the states would not ratify, or approve, the new Constitution if they had anything to do with slavery. For compromise, the Founding Fathers agreed to let the matter of slavery be left alone for at least 20 years.


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the founding fathers included a system of checks and balances in the constitution in order to keep everything even and fair so no branch of the government would have more power over another.

Slavery in those days was not looked on with the same distaste it is viewed with in the present day. So to include such things was not out of the ordinary. Thankfully times have changed, and such things would not happen today.

The large plantation owners had used slaves to run their plantations for several generations. Their agricultural economy was based on slave labor. They had great sums of money invested in their slaves. They insisted on their right to keep slaves. Slave-owners had the political power in the colonies where they lived. These states would not have ratified a constitution that did not allow slavery.

They created the constitution in Philadelphia State House in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They had to keep the creation very quiet and under wraps so they had to keep all the doors/windows shut at all times.

We have the founding fathers to keep everthing in order. They keep the united states in order and they know what is going on. They fix problems. Check for more trust point please.

It is unknown if he contributed anything to the Constitution itself. However, he DID keep a diary of the goings-on among the Founding Fathers. Without that diary, the activities that the Founding Fathers performed would be a lost secret, since they decided to keep the convention confidential (even going so far as to board up the windows in blistering hot weather).

the founding fathers wanted to keep the common people from making a mistake

Yes. The Chief Justice interpreted the Constitution as he judged that the Founding Fathers had meant it. When they declared that a man's property was sacred, they would have included slaves in their definition of property.

I'm not an American history buff so you should probably do a bit of research yourself. I believe the term "Founding Fathers" can be taken three ways: the gentlemen that signed the Declaration of Independence, all of the men that were involved in the making and signing of the Declaration and the Constitution or Richard B. Morris's definition. If taken the first way then no, the Constitution was not written by the Founding Fathers. Of the 56 that signed the Declaration of Independence, only 6 (i think) signed the Constitution as well. By Richard B. Morris's (historian, former chairman of history department at Columbia University) definition the "Founding Fathers" are Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, John Jay, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton. AKA the ones you keep hearing about, who's faces you see everyday on our bills and loose change or see occasionally on those collectible dollar coins.

The founding fathers did not want to create a tyrannical government, and they hoped that by separating the powers of the government into three branches, each branch would help to keep the other two branches honest.

The founding fathers wanted the executive branch of government to make all laws official throughout the United States. They wanted to ensure that the various branches did their part to keep the country operating in a cohesive manner.

They wrote the Constitution so that they would have rules to govern and control the growing countries. The articles of confederation were too general to keep the new country together. It would have been too hard to revise the articles of confederation so they started from scratch.

To quote Benjamin Franklin when he was asked that very question, "A republic madam, if you can keep it." Michael Montagne

To keep the government operational without initiating taxes to do so.

The founding fathers intended to protect us from all the previous oppressive governments and societies. Contrary to popular belief they didn't give us a democracy (rule of many over a few), nor did they give is an oligarchy (rule of a few over many) they gave us a Republic (the Rule of law over all) Our supreme law being the Constitution which restrains the two and has certain processes for amending it which aren't easy because of the checks and balances that are instilled in the government. History shows the intent and purpose of our founding fathers. Contemporary logic is wrong whenever it contradicts the clear explanations of those men who wrote the Constitution... what people call a strict interpretation. As long as we keep a strict interpretation we keep our Republic, when we allow a loose interpretation we risk loosing the Republic and veering into oppressive government and/or society. ~DCSS The founding fathers intented the checks and balances system to be a three tiered cross check that gauranteed constant intra and inter oversight.

I think you are confused. The confederacy wanted to keep slavery.

If the Constitution isn't adapted to the times in which we live, then it can't be applied to many present day circumstances (such as recording industry copyright law, internet commerce issues, and many, many others). The Founding Fathers could not have anticipated the internet, for example. Thus, the Constitution must keep up with the times via Supreme Court rulings and interpretations, as well as amendments to the Constitution itself.

The First Amendment was actually not important to the Founding Fathers. It was important to the states. The founders could not get ratification without creating a bill of rights. The First Amendment was a way to keep the national government from exercising too much control over the Americans like the British had been doing. It was intended to keep the natioinal government from getting too strong, which was the whole reason for revolution.

The major goals of the Constitution were to create a structure of government that was entirely different from what they had just rebelled against. They wanted to create a form of government that was a voluntary union of the states with a system of checks and balances to keep one branch from having all of the power like the king had. The system of government that we have now is a mockery and a perversion of what our founding fathers wanted for this nation.

The south wanted to keep slavery because there entire economy depended on slavery.

hell NO! I'm not even happy with the U.S. but i think if we keep Obama in office, he could help us out of all the debt and war.

Preservation of the union means to take care of and treat the union well. To take care of the country(union) and keep it under rules set by our founding fathers.

The founding fathers believed in a well organized militia to help protect the country. Unfortunately there are groups of people that do not believe that. The reason the founding fathers created the second amendmeñt was so we could keep our gov't from getting too powerful. You have to remember that that if almost everyone hadn't had a gun, we wouldn't have won our independenç.

Having lived under the excesses of a king they want to make sure the presidency was balanced by two other branches to keep the president from becoming a king or dictator. So, far in the Trump administration the constitution is working perfectly to ensure he can't overstep his administrative powers.

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