Napoleon Bonaparte

Why did the French support Napoleon?

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January 07, 2015 4:11PM

The French supported Napoleon as an emblematic symbol of their country due to his consistent and tireless efforts in the defense of the Republic of France, such as his brilliant recapture of Toulon from French traitors and British occupiers during the First French Revolutionary War. He was successful leading the French "Army of Italy". He also had none of the bloody legacy that came from the political battles between Gironidists and Jacobins that had led to the Reign of Terror, conversely he brought peace to the city of Paris after its convulsions following the death of Maximilien Robespierre. He was also young and vivacious, which was another reason he was successful.

Most importantly, though, he spoke the language of the Revolution, abolishing the estates, promoting individual freedoms, and elevating the bourgeoisie to the same place in the economy as the nobility. Since Napoleon was not of royal blood, his rule was an affirmation of the principle that all Frenchmen, regardless of origin should be permitted to have any rank they could achieve on their own merit.