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The French supported Napoleon as an emblematic symbol of their country due to his consistent and tireless efforts in the defense of the Republic of France, such as his brilliant recapture of Toulon from French traitors and British occupiers during the First French Revolutionary War. He was successful leading the French "Army of Italy". He also had none of the bloody legacy that came from the political battles between Gironidists and Jacobins that had led to the Reign of Terror, conversely he brought peace to the city of Paris after its convulsions following the death of Maximilien Robespierre. He was also young and vivacious, which was another reason he was successful.

Most importantly, though, he spoke the language of the Revolution, abolishing the estates, promoting individual freedoms, and elevating the bourgeoisie to the same place in the economy as the nobility. Since Napoleon was not of royal blood, his rule was an affirmation of the principle that all Frenchmen, regardless of origin should be permitted to have any rank they could achieve on their own merit.

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Did the French people support Napoleon?


How did Napoleon win the support of the French people?

Napoleonic Code

Why did french people support Napoleon Bonaparte?

Because they wanted a monarch

Why did the French people support Napoleon Bonaparte?

Why do you think it was important for Napoleon to obtain the support of the French people before he took power?

Why was Napoleon III unable to retain the lasting support of the french people?

Napoleon III's being captured by Otto von Bismarck on battlefield in Sédan in 1870 may be one of main reasons for his loss of support among the French.

Why did many French support Napoleon?

Because he gave them better government then they had under the Monarchy or the Republic.

How did the French people show their support for Napoleon?

After his escape from Elba he was accepted back as the Emperor of France.

Why did the French people support Napoleon?

In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, French citizens supported Napoleon initially because of one fundamental benefit: he maintained control and enforced discipline upon a French society that for years prior had hovered on the edge of chaos. As years passed and his military victories accumulated, Napoleon enjoyed even greater support from the French, who took pride in his (and their) accomplishments in diplomacy and on the battlefield.

Why did the French revolted against Napoleon Bonaparte?

The French generally supported Napoleon.

Who was Napoleon the Great?

Napoleon the great was a French Empreror.

How do you say I am Napoleon in French?

Je suis Napoleon

Was Napoleon an Italian?

No, Napoleon was not an Italian since he was French.

Did Napoleon represent the beginning or the end of the French Revolution?

Napoleon marks the end of the French Revolution.

What does Napoleon mean?

Napoleon was French emperior in 19th cntury.

On which French island was Napoleon born?

Napoleon was born on Corsica.

Was Napoleon a cause of the french revolution?

No, Napoleon was drafted by the French Military. The cause for it was a protest for Democracy, not Monarchy

Which of the following actions would best support the idea that Napoleon should be called a son of the French revolution?

His creation of the legion of honor.

Why did the French decide to give up the Louisiana Territory?

Because Napoleon needed the money to support his war. Also, he saw no future in it.

When did Napoleon become Emperor?

Napoleon became Emperor of the French (Napoleon I) on 2 December 1804.

Why did the french support Neapolitans?

If this question intended to ask about why the French supported Napoleon, please see this question.However, the question as worded speaks about the Neapolitans, i.e. the people of Naples, and the French did support the Parthenopean Republic in 1799. The reason for this support was primarily to secure French military gains elsewhere in northern and central Italy. It had very little to do with the Neapolitans themselves.

Where did napoleon live in France?

Napoleon or also known as Napoleon Bonaparte is a French military and a leader of politics. During the French revolution, He lived in Paris, France.

Was Napoleon American?

NO, he was French.

What war was Napoleon defeated in?

napoleon was deafeted in Waterloo and "the french invade Russian war" in which the french did not fully recover

What languages were spoken by Napoleon?

French and Italian.French

Was Napoleon Bonaparte a monarch?

Napoleon became an emperor after the French Revolution