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The Germans wanted a faster approach into Northern France. Belgium had decided to remain neutral during World War I but Germany was very upset at this decision. In order to remain in power, the Rape of Belgium took place allowing Germany to have the agreement of Belgian allies in the war. === === The above answer does not make sense.

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Who did the Germans invade in1914 on their way to belguim?

They Invaded Belgium on their way to France

When did the Germans invade France in World War 1?

They invaded at the beginning of the war through Belgium

What did the Germans not invade?

they did not invade sweden

Who did Germany invade first in ww1?


When did Germans invade Austria?


When did the Romans invade Belgium?


What year did the Germans invade Curacao?


When did Germans invade Rome?

400 a.D.

Did the Germans invade Poland in 1938?

No, it was in 1939.

What neutral country did Germany invade to trigger Canada's involvement?

In the past the Germans have invaded many countries, but the neutral country invasion that angered Americans most was the invasion of Belgium.

What year did Germany invade Belgium?


What nation did Germany invade to get to France?


What route did Germany invade France in ww1?

They went through Belgium to invade France.

Did the dutch invade England?

Yes, Dutch did invade England in 1688. In the second world war the netherlands had nothing to do with the war. They where neutral. Germany decided due to heavy resistance on the belgium and french border to invade the netherlands first. Also the Netherlands had no part in trying to invade England in the second world war. You got the germans and dutch mixed up.

What countries did the Germans invade?

The Germans invaded as many as 15 countries. First, they invaded the Rhineland, then Czechoslovakia, the Saarland, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, France, Yugoslavia, Greece, Libya, Crete, and a large part of the Soviet Union.

Why did Germany invade belgium to get to France?

To get to France Germanies troops had to march through Belgium.

When did Germans invade denmark?

9 April 1940

What year did the Germans Invade the Soviet Union?


When did the germans invade poland?

1 Sept 1939

When did Germans invade Poland?

September 1st 1939.

Where do the Germans invade France?

Through the Belgian Ardennes.

The Germans entered France by invading belgium?

The Germans did this in both world wars.

What is was Belgium's role in World War 2?

Belgium declared neutrality prior to the war but Germany needed to invade to get to France. Unlike many European monarchies, the King of Belgium stayed in the country and collaborated to a degree with the Germans. Many Flemish nationalists saw the invasion as a chance to separate from the Walloon dominated Kingdom and actually helped the Germans.

Where did the Germans invade to start world war 1?

The question as posed does not really make sense. It was the Russian defense of Serbia against Austria-Hungary's invasion that started World War 1. The German declaration of war against Russia then triggered the alliance of the Triple Entente, expanding the reach of the conflict. Once the Triple Entente was involved, the Germans wanted to invade France. But in order to do so and outflank the French forces on the German/French border, they had to invade the north of France, going first through Belgium. So Belgium was the first country to be invaded.

By what route did Germany invade France?

Through Belgium

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