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Q: Why did the Greeks make the Parthenon out of marble only?
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What famous things are made of marble?

Famous buildings like the Taj Mahal and the Parthenon, and famous statues like the Venus de Milo and the Statue of David are made of marble, to mention only a few. ---- If you are here for the answers to the worksheet on marble like me, (the one that says at the bottom: "IF8712 Reading Skills"), here they are, in order: Washington Monument Parthenon Winged Victory Lincoln Memorial Taj Majal Leaning Tower of Pisa You're Welcome ;)

Was the Parthenon only used by Athena?


Is there only one Parthenon dedicated to the gods?

Yes, the Parthenon was dedicated to Athena Parthenos = Virgin Athena.

When a marble hits a row of marbles why does only one marble fly of?

Only one marble comes off because the energy is transferred through the line of marbles and is expelled at the end driving the last marble to release

Do romanians eat marble cake?

Haha! I'm romanian and so is everyone at my Church and in my family! And yes we like to eat marble cake! Usually we like to make it ourselves! I'm only 11 but I can still make pretty good romanian sweets, especially marble cake!! Also we like to make marble cake with nuts and sugar instead of chocolate sometimes. It's called cosonac.

What is the David sculpture made of?

The statue of david is made of polished marble. Marble can only be carved!

What is the pH of marble chips?

pH is measured only in solutions or liquids. Marble chips has not a pH.

Why did most people Athens build the Parthenon?

they did this to and only to honer Athena

Is marble or slate white?

Only approximately.

Is marble shiny?

only when it has been polished.

Why do the Greeks make mosaic?

Not only the Greeks, but the Romans were also famous for their mosaics. Even today, mosaics in some form or other is often incorporated into modern architecture.

Did the Greeks make any statues of Zeus?

yes. they made I think only one that was 40ft. tall.

What material did the Romans use to make floors and columns?

In their own homes, they would mostly use stone or wood. Marble was for the very rich only. In temples - but only important temples of major deities, built to impress - marble would be more common.

What is the stone found only in Ireland?

Connamara Marble.

What is the composition of marble stone?

Metamorphosed limestone or dolomite. Calcium, Carbon, Oxygen, Magnesium (dolomitic marble only).

Was Geometry only used by the Greeks?


Is marble an extrusive or an intrusive rock?

Neither. The terms extrusive and intrusive only apply to igneous rocks. Marble is metamorphic.

Is marble slightly radioactive?

Marble is not considered to be radioactive even in the slightest bit. This is only slightly radioactive if treated with chemicals.

How do you get marble blast ultra?

its only on xbox SO BUY IT

How was the Parthenon temple in Greece built?

Well, I only know a little bit of it- A <fun fact> they saw the parthenon was curved and so they made curved pillars to even it out and look straight

Did the Greeks believe in only one god?


Why does granite weather slower than marble?

Granite weathers slower compared to marble. This is because granite is composed of four different minerals, while marble is basically pure calcite only.

Do Greeks believe in astrology?

Greeks not only believed in astrology they used it in their daily lives. The Greeks are credited with creating personal astrological charts.

How do you make the big bang citv show marble run?

Watch the show maybe still showing on citv but they only show little bang

What is the probablility of picking a green marble at random from a box that contains only 11 blue marbles?

The probability of picking a green marble from a box that only contains blue marbles is zero.