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Why did the Hmong leave Laos?

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hmong people left Laos because... the didnt want to be prisoners so they crossed the big river over to Thailand to not be prisoners...

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Why did hmong leave laos?

Hmong was a part of the Secret War in Laos, so if they didn't leave Laos, they would be killed by the Viet Minh for helping the Americans.

Why did the Hmong leave their country of Laos?

The Hmong people fled Laos during the first and second Indo China wars. They fled during the Vietnam and Laotian Civil War as well.

Is brenda song laos?

No, she is not Laos, or Lao. She is Hmong.

Where did the hmong migrate from?

Laos or Thai Land

Who is involved in the Laos Hmong Insurgency?


Where do Hmong refugees come to the US from?

The Hmong, are an Asian ethnic group from the mountainous regions of China, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand.Many of the refugees in the US come from Laos.

Are hmong people from Mongolia?

They're mostly from Laos, Hmong people don't really have their own country.

Which country is the Hmong associated with?

The Hmong can be found in a number of countries in Southeast Asia, especially in Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Are Mongol and Hmong people the same?

Mongol and Hmong are two different ethnic. Mongols are people from Mongolia and Hmong are people found in parts of China, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and America.

Where did the secret war take place?

in Vietnam and Laos...alot of Hmong were involved.

Where is hmong located?

Hmong is not a country, it is a heritage. There is no specific country the Hmong can call their own, but they can be found in mainly Laos, Thailand, and China. In rare cases, they can be found in many of the countries around these three.

Who were the Hmong people?

Hmong was part of the Miao group in China. They later travel to the highland of Laos, and after the Vietnam War, they crossed the Mekong River into Thailand.

Why are the Hmong in the US?

The Hmong are in America because of the Vietnam War. Since Laos is right next to Vietnam, the CIA has built their military based on Long Ching and humanitarian based on Sam Tong. There are a lot of Hmong that lived in these two areas, so the American recruited the Hmong to help guard the Ho Chi Minh trail. There was a promise between the General Vang Pao and the Americans, that if the Americans won, they would help provide as much as possible, but if they lost, then they will help find a place for the Hmong to live. This is also the reason why only Hmong in Laos were able to come to America because the promise was only between Americans and the Hmong in Laos.

Where did the hmong come from?

Originally, Hmong were nomads in China, but were not ethnically Chinese. After refusing submission to Chinese societal standards, they left in search of a new homeland in the mountainous regions of Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, while some remained in parts of China. Some believe that Hmong people descend from Siberians in ancient nomadic history, but there is no solid proof.

How did general vang pao helped the hmong people?

He created the secret arm force in Northern Laos for the CIA, he's like a father to the Hmong people and he help the Hmong people fight for their FREEDOM.

What was the relationship between US and Hmong?

The Hmong were the hill people of Laos and helped Americans in the Vietnam war. When Vietnam fell to the communist they were persecuted, so the United States offered them a place to come to for their help. Several million Hmong have come to the United States to start new lives because it isn’t safe to live in Laos.

Do Hmong people have a country?

No, they do not. But they reside mainly in Laos or Thailand, even in some parts of China.

Where did the hmong go when they left laos?

The crossed the Mekong River into Thailand to live in refugee camps.

Where do the hmong live?

Hmong doesn't have a specific place to live because they don't have their own country but they are mostly spread out everywhere in United State, China, Mongolia,Thailand,And Laos.

How many kids does hmong people have?

Back in Thailand and Laos, Hmong families have about 10 kids to help with farming but now, the amount of kids has been cut down to 4 or 5.

Where is Brenda Song from?

Her mother is thai and her father is hmong (m-oa-ne-g) i know his because I'm hmong too Brenda Song's father is Hmong but I don't know he is from China, Laos, Thailand or Vietnam; her mother is American from Thailand.

Where is brenda song's family from?

Her mother is thai and her father is hmong (m-oa-ne-g) i know his because I'm hmong too Brenda Song's father is Hmong but I don't know he is from China, Laos, Thailand or Vietnam; her mother is American from Thailand.

In what country is Hmong spoken?

Hmong is spoken in these countries: China, Vietnam, Laos, USA, Thailand, France, Myanmar, French Guyana, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil, and Germany.

Where was the birthplace of the Hmong?

We originally came from Mongolia, then we migrated to China and they kicked us out. So we went to Laos and Thailand.

Where is Ban Vinai?

Hmong (escaping from Laos) refugee camp in Thailand. Housed @45,000 people and was closed in 1980's.

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