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The intolerable acts angered the colonies because it invaded their rights as englishmen.

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Q: Why did the Intolerable Acts anger the colonies?
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Why was The Intolerable Acts made?

The Intolerable Acts were made to punish the American colonies.

How did colonist show their anger for the Coercive acts?

They called them the Intolerable acts

What was the colonies' name for the coercive acts?

The Intolerable Acts.

What was the main effect of The Intolerable Acts?

The main effect of the Intolerable Acts was that it had divided the colonies against each other.

Where was the intolerable acts?

Where "were" the intolerable acts? They were in America and King George III of Great Britain created them to punish the colonies.

Which act united the colonies?

The intolerable acts most united the colonies.

How were The Intolerable Acts anymore intolarable than the previous acts England passed to anger the colonists?

The intolerable acts were different because they were passed to punish the colony of Massachusetts for the Boston Tea Party and to show the other colonies what England was capable of doing. It wasn't made to earn a profit like other acts.

Why were the intolerable acts passed?

The Intolerable Acts were passed by the British Parliament, because they were deeply in debt , and thought the American colonies should pay part of the expense. (The Intolerable Acts were taxes.)

What was the Intolerable Acts mainly about?

The Intolerable Acts were a series of laws passed in reaction to the Boston Tea Party to punish the colonies for their defiance.

How did the colonists respond to the British intolerable Acts?

You seem a little confused. The British imposed the Intolerable Acts. The colonies responded by defying them.

Who spread the news of The Intolerable Acts to the colonies?

Committees of Correspondence

How did The Intolerable Acts units people in the American colonies?

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