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Why did the Japanese start a program of imperialism?

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Imperialism is extending one's country over others. Said another way, it is collecting countries. Japan wanted all of the countries in Asia, so it would have all of the raw material in asia. It also wanted Russia, as it was closer to Japan than South East Asia. But after fighting Russia twice, once in 1904-1905, then again in 1939, they had had enough of fighting Russia.

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Give examples of Italian German and Japanese imperialism in the 1930's?

give two examples of Japanese imperialism

When did imperialism start?


How did Canadians react to Japanese imperialism?

Canadians reacted to the Japanese by very disturbing and nosy neibours!!

How did Japanese imperialism affect World War 2?

unquestioned discipline of the Japanese soldiers and civilians!

Where did imperialism start in Africa?


How imperialism implications for war?

Imperialism implications for war was the start of the Spanish War. This is back in history.

What is Korea's revolt against Japanese imperialism referred to as?

the First March Movement

What caused nationalism to become an important part of Japanese culture by 1910?


How did imperialism start in africa?

Imperialism started when European countries established colonies and brought armies to protect them.

What is the definition of Japanese imperialism?

rule or authority of an empire or nation over foreign countries. It doesn't just have to be Japanese though. Some believe that America has American imperialism over some countries likes Iraq, Jamaica etc.

Wealthy Japanese families who bought the chief of industries and thereby came to dominate the Japanese economy during the age of imperialism?


How did the russo-japanese war of 1904 affect japans attempt to extend its imperialism?

The war qualified Japan to commence imperialism; it demonstrated that they had the means and skills to do it.

When did imperialism start in china?

A long time ago

What are the positive impact of imperialism on Korea by Japan?

The Japanese improved Korean farming practices.

How was Japan's response to European Imperialism different than that of China's?

The Japanese accepted them where as the Chinese did not.

Japanese warriors who lost much of their power and prestige during the age of imperialism?

The Samurai.

Imperialism in a sentence?

Japanese imperialism projected them into World War 2 in 1941; after the war the nation adopted a constitution and approach which put this behind them, to become a peaceful democracy.

What was a justification of European imperialism?

The Japanese government had a justification on the European imperialism. They felt that since they were more powerful the Koreans, they had more rights, and could basically do whatever they wanted.

What were wealthy Japanese families who bought chief industries during the age of imperialism called?


What event marks the beginning of Japanese imperialism in World War 2?

bombing in pearl harbor

How did imperialism start in China?

email it to my teacher email it to my teacher

How did imperialism benefit the colonies?

It benefited them by giving them a fresh start

Why is the russo Japanese war important to imperialism?

Its as important as any other nation's history on the subject of imperialism. In fact Britain's imperialism record might be greater than Japans as England colonized far more territory than Japan ever did.

What time does Japanese school start at?

Japanese schools time start at 8:30

What month do Japanese children start school?

The Japanese school years start in April.

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