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Q: Why did the Jews fight back in Warsaw ghetto?
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What are some of the ways the Jewsih fought back during the holocaust?

The Warsaw uprising was one. The Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto fought off the Nazis. They ultimately were put down in a fierce fight.

Did Jews have to be in by a certain time in the Warsaw Ghetto?

The rule about being back inside the ghetto by sunset applied to ghettos in the period c. 1550-1830. In the case of the Warsaw Ghetto established by the Nazis, the Jews were not allowed out at all unless they had a special pass (which was seldom given).

What kinds of ways did the Jew fight back when held in the Warsaw Ghetto?

Please see the related question below.

During the Warsaw ghetto How did Jews fight back?

yes. they did but then, after getting to sick and hungery they couldn't.

What labor did people have to do in the Warsaw ghetto?

The Warsaw Ghetto was sealed off from the surrounding areas, and in principle the inhabitants were entirely dependent on the SS for food and water. As the amounts allowed into the ghetto was wretched and inadequate, the Jews found ways of smuggling raw materials into the ghetto and then finished goods out. These finished goods were then swapped for food, which was smuggled back into the ghetto. There was at least one weak link so to speak in the walls surrounding the ghetto. The labour consisted of work on small workshops making such things as leather goods and clothing.

How did Europeans resist the Nazis?

Fighting back against the NazisJews didn't fight back till very late. The best known instances are the uprising of the Warsaw Ghetto in 1943 (not to be confused with the much larger Warsaw Uprising of 1944), rebellions at some extermination camps and resistance in some parts of Belarus. Despite this, there is a widespread view that the Jews were in some sense too passive, though it's far from clear what they could actually have done. The Jews - a small, largely unarmed and unorganized minority, stood no chance at all of defeating the Nazis. In general, the Jews found it practically impossible to 'fight back' in countries where they were well integrated, like Germany and Hungary.In many of the occupied countries, like Poland, France, Norway and much of Yugoslavia, there were active resistance movements against the Nazis. These didn't come into being at once, either.

Why do the jews allow themselves to be led into the ghetto the cattle cars and then the concentration camp?

The Jews had two choices. either they do what the nazis told them to do...or they die. the nazis forced them into the cars. if they had fought back, they would get shot. they nazis forced them into th ghettos. if they had fought back, they would get shot and killed. lastly, the nazis forced them into the concentration capms. if they had tried to fight back or escape then they would immediately get shot and killed. basically, the jews did not allow it to happen. it was life or death.

Did the Jews fight back Germany after being let out?

Let out? Do you mean after America liberated the Jews? Jews didn't fight back afterwards in the masses or anything. I'm sure some of them attacked soldiers to try to get revenge, but nothing substantial. l But if you mean during the war, yes. Some tried to fight back at least. But Jews also knew that if they tried to they would be killed imediately.

Can Lil Wayne fight?

maybe back in the day, now hes a plublisity rapper. he was raised in the ghetto, no doubt fighting alot.

Did Jews fight back in a small group or army in the holocaust?

yes _____ There was no Jewish army!

What was the Jewish ghetto of Venice?

A ghetto is described as a "portion of a city in which members of a minority group live; especially because of social, legal, or economic pressure." The Venice ghetto for Jews actually has a substantial history, being first established in 1516. It was fairly short-lived however, and Napoleon disbanded the ghetto when he invaded. Later, when Italy was officially formed as a state, all rights were restored to Jews and they were considered equal and full citizens. Many chose to remain in the ghetto however. When WWII erupted, Hitler's troops rounded up 247 members of the Venetian Jewish ghetto and "deported" them. Only 8 ever came back. At the end of WWII, the ghetto was returned to a free area and citizenship was restored to Jews. To this very day, between 500 and 2000 Jews still call the Venetian ghetto home. This is in fact where the word "ghetto" came from. In old Venetian dialect, "ghetto" means "foundry" and in 1516 when this area of isolation was established for the Jewish residents, it was built on top of an abandoned foundry. The term soon spread across Europe and became the common word we know today.

What happened to Poland in world war 2 except being invaded by Germany?

Answer The Jews were rounded up and forced into confinment in a small area within the city of Warsaw. The Germans began removing them and sending them to concentration camps. The Jews fought back in what became known as the Warsaw Uprising that began on 1 Aug 1944.