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The Jonas brothers started a band because they were very talented and their parents were the ones that started the band for them.

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Nick Jonas was the start of the band. It was suppose to be just Nick Jonas as a solo artist. Until the record company they were affiliated with at the time "Columbia Records" decided to go with all three brothers and create a band.

of course the Jonas brothers band is real!

Jonas Brothers Jonas Brothers

Yes, the Jonas Brothers are a band. A very popular band among teens today.

the leader of the Jonas brothers band is joe Jonas!

No. In the show they are the Lucas Brothers. Their Band name in the show is JONAS, but they are not called the Jonas Brothers.

The Jonas brothers are a famous band with 3 the brothers making up the band. The brothers names are Nick and Joe and Kevin.

None of the Jonas Brothers are leaving the band:)

the Jonas brothers formed a band cause' they loved music.

Like the name suggests, the Jonas Brothers band is exclusively for Jonas Brothers only. Also, the group disbanded in 2014.

they started the band in 2005 but they've been singing all their life

Joe was stupid enough to stand on a radio satellite and sing. Someone heard him. Then he invited his brothers to be in the band too.

There are 4 Jonas brothers all together. Nick, Kevin, Joe and Frankie Nick, Joe and Kevin are the band "The Jonas Brothers"

No, Joe Jonas is in the band, The Jonas Brothers. With his two brothers Kevin and Nick.

Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas are brothers. They are two thirds of the band The Jonas Brothers.

A band. That will be touring with the Jonas Brothers.

Technically Nick Jonas began the band!

no no no they don't hate the Jonas brothers

Jonas Brothers? I'm in the band??? Im in the band is lame Jonas Brothers rock

The Jonas Brothers probably have met the Naked Brothers Band but, the internet doesn't have any history of them meeting.

My opinion is the Jonas bros because the naked bros band can't sing. The Jonas bros can.

A boy band is a band with nothing but boys. If there were a girl in the band officially, then it wouldn't be. So yes, the Jonas Brothers are a boy band. -PlutoLover101

they never mentiont the naked brothers band