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Why did the Puerto Ricans came to the US?

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For employment opportunity.

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What act declared Puerto Rico to be US territory and all Puerto Ricans US citizens?

The 1917 Jones Act designated Puerto Ricans as US Citizens.

Why aren't puerto ricans living in the us considered immigrants?

Puerto Rico is part of the US and Puerto Ricans are US citizens. You cannot be an inmigrant to a country of which you are a citizen.

Why aren't Puerto Ricans immigrants to the US?

Puerto Rico is a US Territory. All Puerto Ricans are US Citizens. Puerto Rico is considered American Land. Puerto Rico is under American Flag.

How many Puerto Ricans are in the US?

Between two and three million that are self identified as Puerto Ricans.

Why do puerto ricans need a green card to visit the US?

They dont- Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens.

What year did Puerto Ricans become us citizens?

Puerto Ricans were granted citizenship in 1917.

Puerto ricans are what of the US?


What is the phobia of puerto ricans?

The fear of Puerto Ricans is "Puerto Phobia" The fear of Puerto Ricans is "Puerto Phobia"

Do the Puerto Ricans have a military?

Puerto Ricans serve in all branches of the US Armed Forces and Puerto Rico also has a National Guard.

Why are Puerto Ricans Citizens of the US?

Because they were born in a US Territory, and it was forced on them after the US invaded Puerto Rico. >> Puerto Ricans are also offered/given a certificate of Puerto Rican Citizenship. So they are citizens of Puerto Rico as well.

Are puerto ricans us citizens?

Yes they are.

Are Puerto Ricans citizens of the US.?


What is the political status on Puerto Ricans in the US?

They are US Citizens.

Where do Puerto Ricans come from?

Puerto Ricans came from South America a long time ago that were called the Taino Indians and there are only a few living up in the mountains... From Puerto Rico.

What year did Puerto Ricans become United States citizens?

Puerto Ricans became US citizens on March 2, 1917.

Do puerto ricans who work in US but are not citizens pay taxes in US?

All puerto ricans are us citizen since 1917 and if they live in the states they have to to pay federal taxes.

How did Puerto Ricans arrive to the US?

All Puerto Ricans are US Citizen since 1917. Saying How PRicans arrive to the US is like saying how Californians arrive to Texas. From Puerto Rico you will have to take a plane to get to US Continental

Why did Puerto Ricans come to the US?

Puerto Ricans came for economic opportunity.

What were puerto ricans granted in 1917?

US citizenship

What currency do Puerto Ricans use?

The US Dollar.

Why aren't Puerto Ricans living in the US?

Many are.

Why arent puerto ricans living in the us?

Many are.

Can Puerto Ricans purchase a home in the US?

Yes, they can.

Do Puerto Ricans living in Puerto Rico vote in US Presidential primaries?

Yes. Puerto Ricans can vote in presidential primaries but are not permitted to vote in the presidential election.

Who dick is bigger dominicans or puerto ricans?

Puerto ricans