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The battle all came down to which side was the most disciplined. The Saxon army was made up of mainly farmer/warriors who joined up at the request of the king (Harold). A large number of Williams forces were full time cavalry troops with the bulk of the army made up from the ranks of the populous, which came from a warrior ancestry (the Vikings). At the battle the Saxons occupied the high ground at Hastings and formed a impenetrable defensive wall, providing the Saxon warriors did not leave the line. The Norman cavalry tried time and time again to brake through but failed. It looked like the Saxons had won but a section in the line spotted William, who was in amongst his cavalry trying to raise moral. This section of the Saxon line went chasing after him ( this is where discipline comes in) leaving a vulnerable opening in the Saxon line which the Normans exploited and broke down the Saxon army.

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Q: Why did the Saxons lose the Battle of Hastings?
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Did the Anglo Saxons fight in the Battle of Hastings?

Yes, the battle of hastings was fought between the Anglo Saxons(Normandy) and the English

Were the English in the Battle of Hastings Anglo-Saxons?


Who did the Normans fight in the battle of hastings?

The Normans fought the English Saxons in the battle of Hastings.

The invading army at the Battle of Hastings?


In the Battle of Hastings did the Saxons have archers?

Yes they did.

Who was the leader of the Saxons in the Battle of Hastings?

Harold Godwin

How many Saxons were in the Battle of Hastings?

7000- 8000

Did the Saxons win the battle of the Hastings?

no they did not. William the Conqueror did

What kind of soldiers was in the Battle of Hastings?

Saxons and Normans Saxons(Harold) Normans (William)

Which was the battle of Hastings?

The Battle of Hastings was between Harold Godwinson (Saxons) and William of Normandy (Normans) for the English throne.

What was the defending army at the Battle of Hastings?

The defending army was the Saxons

Why did William the conquer lose the Battle of Hastings 1066?

William DID NOT LOSE THE BATTLE OF HASTINGS!!! Harold Godwinson did.

Norman strengths in the Battle of Hastings were?

they tricked the Saxons by pretending to retreat and the Saxons followed and lead them into swamps

How far did the Saxons travel from Stamford Bridge to Hastings before the battle of Hastings?

Approx 250 miles

How did the normans beat the saxons in the Battle of Hastings?

Because they killed Harold.

What battle had the English army just come from in the battle of Hastings?

The Saxons (English army) had arrived in Hastings after the Battle of Stamford Bridge, which was fought against the Vikings.

When was Hastings Saxons created?

Hastings Saxons was created in 1948.

The Saxons were the invading army but who were the defending army in the battle of Hastings?

No, the Normans invaded from France, the Saxons (English) defended.............

What mistake did the Saxons make in the Battle of Hastings?

The Saxons left their formation and charged at the Normans, which left them exposed to the enemy.

Where did feudalism began first?

After the battle of Hastings (SAXONS VERSUS ENGLAND) in 1066.

Did the Saxons fight in the Battle of Hastings?

yes they fought against William on normandy

Who was fighting who in the Battle of Hastings?

The Normans (French) were fighting the Anglo-saxons (English)

What was the battle hastings?

It was a battle between the Normans and the Anglo-Saxons. William the Conqueror ( Gion in French) led the Normans. Harold led the Anglo-Saxons. After all the Normans defeated the Anglo-Saxons.

Who arrived at the Battle of Hastings first?

the normans arrived first at the battle and they gained the hill but the Saxons were 1st to attack in the battle.

Who did William fight in the Battle of Hastings?

William faught harold godwinson and the saxons in 1066