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to bomb America from space (so that it looked like USSR attacked them) and then declare war on USSR without the UN approval and that's how the cold war started

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Q: Why did the US Wanted To Win The Space Race?
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Why did the US want go to space?

They wanted to win the space race against the Soviet Union.

How did the cold war influence the development and early goals of nasa?

There was a space race going on between US and Russia. The US wanted to win the space race and put a lot of money in the NASA. Main goal in 1969 was the moon, US wanted to go there first.

Did the US or the USSR win the space race?

The United States won the space race by landing Neil Armstrong on the moon.

What year did the US enter the race to get into space?

President Kennedy entered the US into the space race in 1961.

What race did the Soviet Union win that terrified the US?

In the late 1950s the Soviet Union appeared to be winning the Space Race. They launched the first earth satellite and put the first human, Yuri Gagarin, in space.

What countries were involved in the space race?

Russia and us the United States were Involved in the space race

Why was the space program called the space race?

Because it was a "race" between the USSR and the US to reach space milestones first.

When did the space race happen?

The space race was when the us and the ussr tried to get the newest equipment into space. It happened between 1957 and 1975.

What event launch the space race between the US and Russian?

When Russia sent his fist manned mission into space, that marked the beginning of the space race between US and Russia.

What was the Arms race that occurred between the US and the Soviet Union?


What did landing on the moon have to do with the cold war?

In 1960 the "space race" began between the US and Soviets. Both worked to get to the moon first and in 1969 the US landed on the moon. The Soviets never have landed. The space race was just another outcome of the Cold War. The ability to launch a rocket has military advantages whether it has a payload for space or for military uses.

Which two nations had a space race?

During the Cold War, the space race took place between the US and the USSR.