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The new Republic of Texas asked to join the United States as early as 1837. Presidents Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren took no action for two reasons. First, the question of Texas joining divided the North and South. Up to the 1840s, trans-Mississippi expansion had extended Southern society: Louisiana, Arkansas, and Missouri were all slave states. Texas would be another, and Northerners who disliked slavery and Southern political power imagined that the Texas territory could become as many as 11 new slave states with 22 new proslavery senators. Texas joining the U.S was certain to arouse Northern and antislavery opposition. President John Tyler, who supported the South, tried to annex Texas in 1844 but was defeated by congressional Northerners and by some Southern members of the anti-Jacksonian Whig Party. The second reason was that Mexico still considered Texas its own territory. Texas joining the U.S would create a diplomatic crisis, and perhaps lead to war.

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Q: Why did the US annex not annex Texas in 1837?
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