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Japan attacked the US Fleet at Pearl Harbor.

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Q: Why did the US enter the World War 2?
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Related questions

Was it vital for the US to enter in World war 2?

yes it was vital 4 the US 2 enter World War 2 because we needed their help 2 win the war. It turns out tht because of them we won the war.

Why did us enter war world 2?

depends on who us is

Why did the US declare war on Germany and enter world war 2?

Germany declared war on the US. The US entered World War 2 because of the Pearl Harbor raid.

Where did the US enter World War 2?

Into Europe

Why did us enter the Great War 2 and a half years after the war was started?

World War 2

When did the US enter world war 1 and 2?


Did the US enter World War 2 on D-Day?


What year did the US enter to world war 2?


What did the us enter after world war 2?

pearl harbor

What year did the US enter Wolrd War 2?

1909 to 1944 The US entered World War 2 in December of 1941.

What year did the us enter the world war 2?

The us entered ww2 in 1941

What prompts the US to enter World War 2?

Pearl Harbor

When did US enter in World War 2?

08 Dec 1941

In what year did the US declare war and enter world war 2?

on decmber 8 1941

What country was primarily responsible for causing the US to enter the war?

World War 2 : Japan.

Did the sinking of the Lusitana cause the US enter World War 2?

No.The sinking of the Lusitania caused the US to enter WW1.

When and why does the us enter world war 2?

The US entered World War II after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941.

Why did the us finally enter the world war 2?

The US entered World War 2 after the attack on Pearl Harbor. When over 2,400 US lives were lost in a sneak attack on a Sunday morning, there was no stopping US involvement in the war.

When did the US enter World War 2 what was this day know as?

march 9

What time did the us enter World War 2?

Dec 07, 1941

Why USA enter the world war 2?

the US got bombed by Japan

Why did Franklin Roosevelt enter World War 2?

Franklin Roosevelt did not enter World War 2. The United States, of which Roosevelt was President, entered World War 2. The US did that because it was attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan, and because Germany then declared war on the UN.

Why was the US unable to enter world war 2?

The U.S. was never unable to enter World War 2. It had the resources and manpower. The reason why the U.S. didn't enter the war at first is because they wanted to remain neutral rather than get involved in foreign affairs.

Why did US hesitated about entering world war 2?

Because it didn't want to enter a European war

When did the Allies first enter World War 2?

they seen a dog and ran and ate it that is how it make us enter the world EAT DOGSS