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To trade and conquer

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Why did the vikings invade and settle in these countries?

The three countries that the vikings came from were Scandinavia denmark and Norway The three countries that the vikings came from were Scandinavia denmark and Norway

What skills did the vikings leave Britain when they left?

The Vikings did not leave Britain; they settled there along the east coast.

1 What countries did the Vikings come from?

The vikings came from the Scandinavian countries which are Denmark, Swedon and Norway

What three countries did the Vikings originate?

The Vikings Came from Scandinavia

Were the first vikings black?

Vikings were from the Scandanavian countries. They were not Black.

What did vikings leave behind?

Vikings left behind long ships

What did the vikings leave behind that influence us?

The vikings left pieces of their houses behind and that has influenced archaeologists to research vikings.

Why did the Vikings leave Canada?

the vikings left Canada because the Indians kept attacking.

Do you think the vikings were justified to attack and invade other countries?

Vikings did not have the right to attack on other countries. They should of stay out of the way.

What Scandinavian countries did the vikings come from?

All of them... Scandinavia consists of Denmark, Sweden and Norway, and the vikings originated from all three countries.

Did Brett Favre leave the vikings?

No. As of 2009, Brett Favre is still the quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings.

Why did the vikings flee from their homeland?

Overpopulation and a lack of habitable land , caused the vikings to leave their homeland.

Where did the vikings trade?

the vikings traded in Constantinople, asian countries and a little bit in russia

Why did the Jews leave their homeland and go to Germany?

because they faced persecution in their own countries.

From which countries did the vikings come?

Scandinavia & Norway

What countries are vikings from?

Norway, Denmark and Sweden

What countries did the Vikings take over?


How did the vikings travel to different countries?

By ship

Are vikings British?

No. The original vikings were Scandanavian. They originated in the countries of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland.

How did the vikings write?

with their own blood

What did the Vikings own?

Many things.

Why are you not sure what the vikings did?

they didn't leave a lot of literature.

Why did the vikings leave north America?

They were driven out by the Indians.

Why did vikings leave Newfoundland?

Conflicts with the native people.

Why did the vikings leave Britain?

The could not stand the weather.

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