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Since the brothers were young they had been interested in aviation. Wilbur's mature interest was first triggered by an article on Otto Lilienthal in an issue of McClure's Magazine in 1894. Lilienthal made gliders. While his interest was triggered, he became a serious thinker about human flight in 1896, when the same Otto Lilienthal was killed accidently during a glider flight. Photo's of Lilienthal and his gliders made this serious interest of Wilbur. Wilbur than began to study bird flight. to study his conclusions more he wrote a letter to the Smithsonian institution in May 1899, asking for more study material. Around this time Orville got as enthusiastic as his brother.

They were tinkerers and inventors who liked to invent mobiles (it was a passion)
What they did do was to build the first heavier than air craft which flew. Powered flight. Kittyhawk, North Carolina 1903. Lighter than air craft had been around for a long time before that.
If by why, you meant what made them decide to do it, it's human nature to invent things. They saw birds fly and thought why can't man?
becouse they wanted faster transpertation they first found this by paper.
When they stopped getting laid by hot looking females in their area and realized that they needed to conquest new territory (Had to slay some more pussy somewhere else) and knew that walking or driving would take too long.
The Wright Brothers were inventors and we always looking for improvements in existing inventions. They believed that powered flight was possible and set out to prove it.
so that they would be able to fly

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Why did the Wright brothers want to invent the airplane in a small answer?

They wanted to fly.

Why did the wright brothers want to make an airplane?

because they wanted to invent something new thaey got the idea by a bird

Why did the wright brothers want to invent an airplane even though there were already cars?

Cars can only go where there are roads, airplanes can go anywhere.

Why did the wright brothers want to built the airplane?

Because they wanted to make money, just as they did with their bicycle business.

Why did the wright brothers want to invent a motor powered airplane?

Gliders had been around for quite some time, but couldn't go very far. With an engine onboard, flying became a lot more useful.

Why did gustave whitehead want to invent an airplane?

because he likes airplane and he thinks it is really fun!

Did the wright brothers ever want to get married?


What did the wright brothers want to accomplish?

They wont to be the first people to have the first successful flight.

Did the wright brothers get married?

Wilbur didn't want romance to get in the way of more important things such as building things. Orville was simply very shy. This is why the Wright brothers never got married

What inspired the Wright brothers to want to fly an airplane?

They were mechanically inclined anyway, and ran a bicycle factory and were fascinated with flight since childhood when their father gave them a flying model. They could see flight was going to be a big thing and worked hard to get in on it.

Why did the Wright brothers want to fly?

Because they thought flying was a commercial proposition that they could take part in.

How manyseconds did the Wright Brothers first flight last?

in about 12 or 10 seconds(if want to see Right brothers plane go to:dayton air foce museam.)

What state did the wright brothers complete their first flight in 1903?

Kitty Hawk, NC (North Carolina), December 17, 1903. If you want some further information, try to go to this website:

Who did the wright brothers married?

They actually didnt get married. Orville was very shy and Wilbur didnt want romace to get involved with importent things

How can I invent something if I have no money?

you can invent if you really want you can invent by things that are not expensive..right?

What paper airplane is the best?

That depends on what you want it to do. There is no best real airplane, much less a paper airplane.

Why did the the wright brothers want to fly?

People have wanted to fly since the dawn of man. Surely even neanderthal man watched birds flying and wished he could do the same. The Wright brothers had an intense interest in flying things since boyhood when their father gave them a flying toy. In addition to the obvious prestige in making such a historic first, the wright brothers must also have been motivated by the commercial possibilities of powered flight. Indeed, the Wright brothers built a very successful business on their innovations, and history has shown that powered flight has in fact become an enormously important part of our modern economy.

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What might you want to invent?

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How do you invent a new thing?

we can invent a new things by discovering whatever we see. If we want to invent a robot animal , we should discover the animals whatever we need to invent. For example; if we want to invent a robot grass hopper we should discover the insect.

Where did Carl Paul invent the refrigerator?

why did Carl Paul want to invent the fridge

I want to fly?

Go on a airplane

How much is an airplane?

It depends on the airplane you want to buy. A Boeing 747 can cost you millions of dollars.

What is the cheat to get big airplane in gta san Andreas game PC?

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Why did Orville Wright sell off the Wright aviation company?

He thought it would be in his and his brothers (Wilbur who just died) best intrest if they were to sell the company. They never wanted making money or growing into a large business to be the highlight of their career, rather they enjoyed having fun inventing and flying the aeroplane. Their main starting goal was to be known as the inventors of the airplane with no incentive of money. Also without Wilbur, Orville did not want to hassle with patent suits. This is why Orville sold the company and decided to retire in leisure.