Why did the ancient Egyptian pharaohs eat ribs?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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They didn't.

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Q: Why did the ancient Egyptian pharaohs eat ribs?
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What did Egyptian pharaohs eat for meals?

they ate food

What kind of fish did the ancient Egyptian eat?

Egyptian fish

What did ancient Egyptian military leaders eat?

bread and beer

What kinds food did the ancient Egyptian soldiers eat?

You tell me.

What did ancient Egyptian priests eat?

they ate wine and bread

What is the difference between Ancient Chinese and Ancient Egyptian food?

brown ppl eat chinese food

What did pharaoh eat in ancient egyet?

fish scalep barley meat (pork chop and ribs) salad

What did ancient egyptian servants eat?

Usually the leftovers & scraps from what they cooked for the rich people.

How did the ancient Egyptians eat their food?

because the Egyptian haven't invented forks, spoons and knifes yet they had eat with their fingers

Are ribs horses ribs?

No ribs that you eat here in the USA are not horse ribs,but i hate to say in other countries they may be.Many people different parts of the world eat horse. They also eat dog, cat, hampster and many other animals. The ribs you eat in the US are cow ribs.

What does the pharaohs eat?

what would a pharaoh eat

What kind of animals eat ribs?

Any carnivore would eat the ribs of another animal.