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Q: Why did the apprenticeship system end prematurely?
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Was the apprenticeship system beneficial to masters and slaves?

Slaves were property and had no relationship with an apprenticeship. The apprenticeship was a contract for 7 years of work in a area of trade.

Why did apprenticeship end in 1838 and not 1840?

cuz they were ugly

What has the author Bell written?

Bell. has written: 'An apprenticeship system'

What is apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is basically a system of education that allows a person to work with an expert in the field in order to gain experience. This is usually an unpaid position.

What impact did the putting out system have on the artisan workshop system?

Many artisans or put out of business and apprenticeship system all but disappeared

What is the definition of demise?

Demise means the ulitmate end, or final decisionCome to an end prematurely and normally in ugly circumstances.

When was slavery ended in the Bahamas?

In 1833,act was passed to end slavery in the Bahamas. August 1st, 1834, slaves would serve under an apprenticeship system. Then, 1838, they were completely emancipated.

What are your chances of getting a related job at the end of the apprenticeship?

your chances are good because you have experience good traning

What were the disadvantages of the apprenticeship system in the 19th century?

that you can die and have a heart attack! to much work cant take it...

What personal qualities did Franklin possess by the end of his apprenticeship that demonstrated he would be able to make it on his own?

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Is Prematurely a real word?

Prematurely is a real word I think.

When did Nadezhda Ivanova's career end?

A bone disease prematurely ended her career as a young Russian gymnast. She can no longer do gymnastics