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why did the battle of crecy take place?


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The battle of Crecy was fought on 26 August 1346.

Carrot soup is sometimes called as Puree crecy... it symbolizes "Battle of Crecy"

If you take the convetional cut off for the end of the Western Roman Empire, the overthrow of the last emperor, Romulus Augustus, in 476, the battle of Crecy was 900 years later.

The long bow was first introduced at Crecy and helped the British defeat the French.

The Battle of Crecy The Battle of Poitiers The Battle of Agincourt

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Christopher Godmond has written: 'The campaign of 1346, ending with the battle of Crecy' 'The Campaign of 1346, Ending with the Battle of Crecy: An Historical Drama in Five Acts : with ..'

England won the war, suprisingly, they were outnumbered.

The 26th August 1346. I do not know the exact time.

Battle of Agincourt Battle of Crecy Siege of Rouen Battle of Bauge Treaty of Toyes.

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The Battle of Crecy or Battle of Cressy it was the beginning of the end of chivalry as new weapons and army tactics were presented by all armies fighting. The battle took place at 1346 AD/ CE and was one of the most important battles of the hundred years war.

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