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More than likely a blown fuse.

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โˆ™ 2006-07-12 23:38:53
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Q: Why did the cigarette lighter quit working at the power source on a 1998 Mercury Grand Marquis?
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2004 mercury grand marquis fan stop working

Cigarette Lighter not working on 2004 Pontiac grand am and the fuse in not blown?

How do I fix my cigarette lighter when fuse is good

You have no heat in your 1994 mercury grand marquis?

i have no heat in my 1994 mercury grand marquis. what could cause the heat to stop working

Cigarette lighter not working on Chevy 3500?

Did you check for a blown fuse?

Why isn't the cigarette lighter working in my clio 172?

try the fuse

Turn signal on 1995 Mercury grand marquis not working?

Replace the flasher relay if none of them are working.

Where is the cigarette lighter fuse in a Toyota 4Runner?

If the cigarette lighter is not working and the ACC fuse, inside the car, left of steering wheel, is still good (radio is working), the "fuse" on the back side of the cigarette lighter socket, a brown wire, has blown. Socket needs to be replaced or fixed with a soldering iron and a new wire.

How do you get out a cigarette lighter that is stuck in a 1996 VW Polo the radio is not working either?

its the fuse

The radio quit working and all the cigarette lighters quit working after your wife used a cell phone charger in the front cigarette lighter What is the cause?

Check your fuses in your fuse panel usually that is what is wrong when cigarette lighters and radios quit working.

The Cigarette lighter for 93 win star van is not working. what do I need to look at or do?

Check the fuse.

What i can do to get cigarette lighter working in a 93 gm truck?

First thing to check would be the fuse.

Cigarette lighter not working on Oldsmobile alero?

Check fuse nr 34 under hood!

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