Why did the civilizations develop forms of writing?

System of writing is a symbolic system used to represent elements or statements expressible in language. It is also a method of representing the sounds of a language by written or printed symbol. It allows for transmission of ideas across vast distances quickly and, most importantly, accurately. Writing allows for the accurate description of an idea, and one which does not depend on all carriers of that written idea to understand even a little of that idea. This transmission of ideas in a quick manner is the foundation of a complex society. Most importantly, writing is required for specialization of a society - in order to have farmers, merchants, soldiers, etc…. one must have writing.

System of writing is important for civilization because it helps us do things we need everyday. It helps us create business transactions. Most important it helps us communicate with others with out writing there would be no solid form of communication. If it helps us do things we need everyday we won't need to memorize and it's good. It also helps us create business transactions which is really useful and is a great opportunity and easy opportunity for people who need business. It also helps us communicate with others so it made life easier because the people doesn't need to go all the way to the people you want to meet you can just sent a message or and email.

System of writing is also important for the people in a civilization because writing makes everything easier such as finding jobs, meeting your friends in different country place, etc…….With all of these things it makes you earn more money for you family and doesn't waste so much money.