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The English were taxing the colonies a high amount for their tea.

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Q: Why did the colonists boycott tea?
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Related questions

Why did the colonists boycott paper and tea?

to get revenge on great Britain

In what year did the Boston colonists boycott the British Tea Act?


What act led the colonists boycott to a popular drink?

Tea Act

How did the Boston colonists show their opposition to the Tea Act?

The colonial boycott of tea seriously hurt the company!

How did colonists show opposition to the quartering act?

Colonial Boycott ; Boston Tea Party

Why did the daughters of liberty boycott the tea?

The Daughters of Liberty boycotted because the British government was taxing the colonists on tea but not the citizens in Britian.

Why did several colonists dump tea into Boston harbor?

Many colonists protested the Tea Act. On December 16, 1773 a group of colonists in Boston dressed as Native Americans. They boarded three Tea ships. They dumped 342 chests of Tea into the Boston Harbor. Several colonists dumped tea into the Boston Harbor to Boycott or Protest the Tea act.

What actinos did the colonists take when Parliament passed more laws for them?

the actions the colonist decided to boycott tea.

What caused colonists to take part in Boston Tea Party?

The colonist took parts in the Boston tea party because colonist decided to take boycott the tea.

Why did the colonists continue to boycott tea even though the Tea Act made it inexpensive to buy tea?

Though the protests over the tax on tea was affected favourable by the Tea Act, it became a matter of principle, and aided the colonists' in their desire for total independence from Great Britain.

How did colonists rebel against the tea tax?

They boycott the tea and didn't buy it and the ruined all the tea in the Boston harbor and now they have to pay before shipping anything to the British.

What boycott urged colonists not to buy or import British goods?

The tea party I think. The colonists dressed up as indians and dumped all the overpriced tea overboard trying to prove a point in which the prices were to high.

Why did colonists boycott British goods?

To boycott British taxes

What plant was used for tea after the Boston Tea Party protests?

They still drank tea. It was a protest they did by throwing the tea overboard not a boycott. Soon after the Boston Tea Party, a shortage of imported tea forced the colonists to substitute bee balm as a tea during the shortage.

What caused the colonists to boycott English goods?

The colonists to Boycott English goods that caused taxation without representation.

When did the colonist boycott on tea?

1775, right after the tea tax

What items did the colonist boycott?


Use boycott in a sentence?

Many colonists began a boycott of British goods.

Why was the British colonist boycott against the tea act?

The Tea Act actually dropped the price of tea by allowing British merchants to sell directly to the colonists, but put many American tea vendors out of business. So many people protested it.

How would boycott be in a sentence?

The people put a boycott on tea. boycott - a refusal in buying goods from someone

What is a sentence using the words boycott and colony?

The colony has decided to boycott tea!

How do you use tea in a sentence?

The Boston Tea Party was an act to boycott British tea.

Why did the colonist boycott tea?

Because of the demanding taxes in the, Tea Act

When did the colonists boycott English products What happened as a consequence of the boycott?

they got on with there lives and died

What is the definition of boycott and who invented it?

A boycott is a riot to oppose something and when king George taxed the colonists they were believe to be the 1st people to boycott