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Q: Why did the egyptian god Bastet carry a rattle?
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Who was the Egyptian god of love?

Bastet was the Egyptian goddess of love.

What was bastet the god of?

She was the Egyptian goddess of cats.

In Egyptian mythology how was the God Bastet depicted?

Bastet is the ancient Egyptian cat goddess, and has the face of a cat as well.

Did the Egyptian god Ra have children?

Bastet was his daughter.

Which Egyptian god did cats represent?


Where can you find a myth that involves Bastet?

Bastet was an ancient Egyptian god who helped women at childbirth.

Who was the first Egyptian goddess?

It was probably Bastet the Cat god

Who was Ptah?

An Egyptian god of crafs who had Ra as a father and bastet as a mother

Who the Egyptian goddess Bastet related to?

She is related to Thoth, the Ibis god

Who is the Egyptian god of the home?

Bastet - "Devouring Lady" - Cat-goddess of the home.

Who are Ra's the Egyptian sun god children?

Ra (Re)'s child were Bastet.

Which god had a cat for a head?

The Goddess Bast/Bastet has the head of a cat, in Egyptian mythology.

When was the ancient Egyptian god Bastet born?

Ancient Egypt has no timeline for the birth of Bast.

What Egyptian God did the cat represent?

Bastet, the Cat Goddess. (the goddess who represented the healing power of the sun).in ancient Egypt Bastet was what represented the cat.

Did Bastet the Egyptian god have any brothers or sisters?

Bastet had a twin sister Called Sekhmet who later on had a son called Maahes but she did not have any brothers

Which god was the god of love?

God- (greek) Eros Goddess- (greek) Aphrodite/Venus, (norse) Freya, Benzaiten (japanese), Bastet (egyptian)

What god did cats represents?

Cats represented the Egyptian goddess Bastet and Freya's (from Norse mythology) chariot was pulled by them but i can't think of a god

Who was bastet's son?

Bastet's son was the moon god, Khonsu.

Who is Bastet son?

Bastet's son is the lion-headed god, Maahes.

Who is the son of bastet?

Bastet's son is the lion-headed god, Maahes.

What was Bastet god of?

Bastet the Goddess of Cats, Lower Egypt, the sun and the moon.

Which Egyptian god had the head of a lion?

That would be Maahes, a god of war during the New Kingdom of Egypt. Also there were two goddesses with heads of lionesses: Sekmet and Bastet.

How Bastet became a god?


Which animal was the goddess Bastet?

Bastet was the egyptain cat goddess but is sometimes portrayed as a god.

Does Bastet have any relatives?

Yes, Bastet has a father, the great sun god Ra. She is also the mother of the god of the moon, Khoshu.