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Q: Why did the inhabitants of the Tigris and Euphrates valley regard nature as a hostile force?
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What does fiercely mean?

Hostile and violent, especially by nature or temperament; ferocious.

Why does earth need nature?

The earth does not need it, the inhabitants of the earth do.

What effect might global warming ohave on earth's inhabitants?

its mostly on nature

What is a enviromental science?

Enviromental Science is where scientists study nature and its' inhabitants. They also study about pollution and other factors which change nature such as acid rain and erosion. Hope this help :)

Why is there Civil War?

Hostile tensions are human nature. It also stems from the belief or illusion that an intolerable situation will be mitigated by armed conflict.

What is the result of Service members or civilians being subjected to offensive unwanted unsolicited comments and behaviors of a sexual nature that interfere with their work performance?


What type of conflict man vs nature?

A man attempting to survive in hostile natural conditions. For example 'The Open Boat' by Stephen Crane.

What information does diving give?

Diving, especially deep diving, can aid discovery of new life forms and the hostile environments they survive in. Plus exploration is part of our nature.

What is belligerency?

The state of being at war or being engaged in a warlike conflict. Belligerence. A hostile or warlike attitude, nature, or inclination; belligerency

What in mythology were the nymphs?

Nymphs were the inhabitants of trees, bodies of water and anything related to nature. Nymphs were said to be children of Zeus, the highest of the gods in Greek Mythology.

What objects were associated with pan the god?

Pan was oftem considered to be the God of nature, forests and it's inhabitants. Also considered with the stars eg. Light pollution

Why is Dorothy enslaved by the witch and how could she destroy the witch with a pail of water?

Dorothy represents the ideal American. Or the American hero, whilst the wicked witch of the west represents a hostile or malign nature. Dorothy is enslaved because the witch can't kill her, for she is being protected. She could destroy the witch with a pail of water, simply because water is a natural force. Water is a necessity, it could end hostile behavior or malign nature.

How does cooperative society exemplify secularism and democracy?

a cooperative society is based upon profit sharing and basically is constituted by inhabitants of certain area it serves their own interests and is basically secular in nature.

Why Extracellular enzyme activity is easier to determine compared to Intracellular enzyme?

It is because extracellular enzymes act under very hostile conditions in nature, so their activity is more resistant than intracellular activity.

What is a sentence that starts with bellicose?

Bellicose:adjective:a. aggressively hostile; eager to fight or quarrel; warlikeb. of a quarrelsome or hostile nature; likely to quarrel or fight.Example sentences:Bellicose noises disrupts the classroom.Bellicose statements can get you into trouble.Bellicose attitude will cause trouble.

What can one do if they work in a hostile work environment?

It depends on the nature and severity of the hostility, as well as the company. If a person is uncomfortable in their work environment due to harassment, unsafe or discriminatory working conditions or other factors, if there is a HR department available one could speak with them about the problem. Documenting instances of hostile behaviors is advised, as they can be used in the case of termination for attempting to resolve the problem. Looking for a different job is always a good idea as well.

When did landscaping start?

According to newly published research from Harvard University, the development of cities in Mesopotamia between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in the fifth millennium B.C. included considerable landworks. These were used to improve building sites and roadways but also to preserve arable land around the city. The silty nature of river soil in that region makes it subject to wind erosion and plantings and windbreaks were constructed to protect the food producing areas. Also, the early cities such as Ur were considerably larger than previous research postulated and involved huge government complexes complete with date palm groves and water gardens.

What is social Darwinism and what would it mean for government regulation?

Social Darwinism extends the concept of the survival of the fittest from nature into society. Normally, one would expect Social Darwinists to favour competition and free entreprise with little regulation and to be fundamentlly hostile to welfare provision.

What is the difference between insurance and hedging?

Hedging is purely speculative in nature, where in insurance Actuaries and Finance Managers (with fatty remuneration) do the job of launching new polcies as per market scenario, assessing life expectency of average inhabitants etc on a scientific basis.

When does sexual harrassment includes unwelcome physical verbal or visual conduct of a sexual nature?

Submission to or rejection of the conduct is made a term or condition of employment Submission to or rejection of the conduct is made a basis for a personnel action Such conduct creates an intimidation, hostile or offensive work environment (All of the Above)

Why do people react more hostile on the internet than in person myself included and is this human nature?

Decreased hostility towards other members of the same species is helpful to that species' survival. Natural selection has produced this behavior in modern humans (to an extent, there are still plenty of aggressive humans). So yes, it is human nature. Seeing another person face-to-face is naturally disarming because you're genetically predisposed to it.

Main cause of land use conflict in the amazon rainfores?

The main cause of land use conflict in the Amazon rainforest are the trees. Trees are being cut down in mass volume inside the forest. This, of course, is done by developers who are consistently clashing with native inhabitants and nature enthusiasts.

When was Nature contre nature created?

Nature contre nature was created in 2005.

What is the nature of architecture?

The Nature of Architecture is Nature

Is art is not nature?

Art is nature , because art is the most colorful thing in nature.