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why did the lenape settle in the New Jersey area

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Q: Why did the lenape settle in the Delaware river valley?
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What were Delawares first known inhabitants?

The Delaware Valley and River region is understood to have been settled by two native American tribal groups. The Delaware Indians settled to the north, while the Leni Lenape were in the south.

What river was Valley Forge by?

delaware river

What valley did the early people in India settle along?

The Ganges river

Where in India did aryan settle?

Ganges River Valley

What was the name of the river that protected the camp at Valley Forge in 1777- 1778?

it is the delaware river

What one of the civilization did not settle along a river valley?

The Phoenicians.

Who started the companies to settle the Ohio river valley?

the British

How do you spell Len ape?

There is a proper name "Lenape" -- an Amerindian tribe of the Delaware River region. One pronunciation is (leh-NAH-pee).

What river's valley did the Chinese people first settle around 7000 BC?

Yellow River

Which river's valley did the Chinese people first settle around 7000 BCE?

Yellow River

Why did farmer settle in the Connecticut river valley?

They wanted fertile land.

Where did the Aryan invaders settle?

The aryan invaders settled in the ganges river valley:)