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Why did the maori come to New Zealand?



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The Maori didn't neccessarily decide to just come to New Zealand, but here are some possible solutions: * The Maori previous land was over crowded, and they had no choice but to leave. * they might have had a feud with the other tangata whenua (people of the land) and forced to leave. * they went exploring and the sea currents took them to New Zealand * Some brave and adventurous Maori decided to go exploring * They might have needed more land for crops,etc. * Kupe (a new zealand explorer) went exploring and found New Zealand he went back to his land Hawaiki and told everybody.Around 1350 AD a majority of the maori's went to set sail for aotearoa using Kupe's great navigational instruction's.
There are several theories surrounding this; one is that they came 'accidentally', eg a fishing boat blown off course. This is unlikely however due to the large numbers that came, and that fact women were on board these vessels (why would women be on a fishing boat?). Other theories include over crowding in the Pacific Islands that lead to war and so people left to search for more land.