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The Adams Onis treaty happened because people in the US wanted to make Florida a state so Spain gave it to the US. The treaty also made the boundary that that at the time was called ''New Spain''.

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Q: Why did the onis treaty happen?
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What treaty added Florida to the U.S?

Adams-Onis Treaty in 1819.

Who wrote tho Adams onis treaty?

John Quincy Adams and Luis de Onis wrote this treaty.

Who was president at the time of the Adams onis treaty?

James Monroe was the President when the Adams-Onis Treaty was negotiated and signed.

Who signed the onis- treaty?

John Quincy Adams and Luis Onis

Who signed the Adams- Onis treaty?

John Quincy Adams and Luis Onis

What was the treaty that ceded Florida to the U.S.?

The Adams-Onis Treaty

What treaty gave all of Florida to the us from Spain?

I believe it was the adams-onis treaty. Onis represented spain and Adams the US

Which country signed the Adams-onis treaty with the united States?

Spain signed this treaty with the US. Onis was the Spanish minister to the US.

What treaty gave Cherokee territory to us?

The Adams-onis Treaty.

What treaty determined the Southern Border of the US?

The Adams-Onis Treaty

What country signed the Adams-onis treaty with the United states?

The Adams-Onis Treaty was signed between the United States as well as Spain, in 1819.

What nations signed the Adams-Onis treaty?

The United States and Spain agreed to this treaty. Adams was the US Secretary of State, John Quincy Adams and Onis was the Spanish foreign minister, Luis de Onis.