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Could be a fuse if both stopped working. or a wire ,both windows are hooked up to same wire.

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Q: Why did the rear power windows just stop working?
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How do you fix the rear power windows not working on a 2001 Grand Prix SE front windows are okay?

Check the switches make sure they are good. if they are then the problem is either the window motor or the window regulater. Maybe a bit obvious but just checking - If both of them are not working then check the isolation switch - its the extra switch on the drivers panel that stops the kids from playing with the rear windows, it should be in the up position. good luck.

Your 2 rear power windows does not work in your 2002 Ford Explorer?

both my rear power windows does not work in my 2002 ford explorer, why?

How can you close a rear power window that won't close electrically on a Pontiac Montana?

I just bought a Pontiac Montana 2004 and dont know how to close the rear windows

Where is the fuse for the power windows and sunroof?

Underneath the rear seat.

If your '96 Nissan Sentra's switches for both rear power windows stopped working all of a sudden could it be a blown fuse?

See if they work at the driver door. (Or at the rear doors) If they work at one and not the others, it is probably a dirty switch. If they don't work at either place it is probably a fuse, or some cars have a child safety switch to keep the rear windows from rolling down.

How do you open rear SIDE windows on 2004 ford expedition?

On a 2004 Ford Expedition : In the overhead console there is a button marked " VENT " ( that is used to open and close the power rear side windows )

Is the rear defogger effected by the speed of the car?

no all heated rear windows are electronic. in some older cars the battery is degraded and will not power the rear windows so well whilst the engine is not running, but once the engine is on and the alternator takes over there should be no change in how good the heated rear windows work

Where is the antenna on a 2004 Ford expedition Eddie Bauer edition?

I noticed mine in the rear side windows. Its just a little stirp inside of the windows and kind of hard to tell with dark tint. Not the rear hatch window but the very rear side windows. right down the center of the glass.

Where or what is the power source for the rear electric windows on a 1986 Mercedes 300 E?

Right windows (front and rear) are fuse H, and left windows fuse G. 1. The power(for all the windows) flows through the K4 power window relay. That relay is powered by fuse #2. 2. Than the power flows through fuses G + H, and to the switches in the forward rear window switches in the center console by the shifter. 3. Power goes through the front switches, to the rear switches, and than to the window motors. 4. Ground is supplied to the motors through the switches as well. Ground to the rear switches is controlled by the "rear window safety switch" located between the front and rear window switches on the center console. - - ----I just sat here for five minutes trying to put into words a description of the the operation of the switches and power flow to the window motors. I cant say I can do it w/out really confusing everyone. If anyone really needs an operational description just message me. Hope this helps.

2001 Alero I need to know if there is a fuse for the power windows the driver side rear window quit working need to know if it is just the fuse or the motor?

Yes there are 3 fuse boxes in the 2001 olds alero. One on the side of dash on drivers side and one on passenger side of dash by the doors..also one in the engine.....power windows should be in the drivers side fuse box..if not they are in the passenger side fuse..30amp i believe..

When did dodge caravan start making the power rear windows?

The power window in the sliding door came with the 2008 model year.

Where is the fuse for the passenger side and rear power windows in a 1999 Mercury Villager?

That fuse is located in the Power Distribution Box next to the battery. However, this fuse control all the power windows. So, if the other windows function, look for a loose connector or a broken wire to that side.

Why would the rear window on a Le Baron conv just stop working you were trying to fix the other one and the one that was working just quit working while working on the other one?

check the fuses for the windows you may have shorted it out it is part of a circuit and since circuit is open when disocnnected the other window on the circuit will not work once you close circuit the other side will work

1986 350 ford 6.9 desiel rear tank is not working?

Depending on if the switching unit is working on the frame rail on the driver's side just at the rear of the cab. It might not be switching to the rear if that switch is not working, also check the switch on the dash.

Can the center window be replaced with a rear sliding window on a Ford F-250?

I just shattered the rear sliding window of my Ford F250 and was told by Dave of Quality Glass in LaPorte IN that the current generation of rear sliding windows are designed so the glass cannot be removed to be replaced, so the answer given me was, I need to purchase a new sliding window assembly. I checked into replacing the sliding window with just straight glass and it actually cost me more than aftermarket sliding windows. This is not the definitive answer, but the working answer in my situation.

How do you troubleshoot rear power windows on a Kia Sportage 2001 front works fine?

My 2001 Kia Sportage rear driver window stuck. A friend removed the door panel and the wires were burned out along with the motor. We didn't replace we just disconnected.

How can i fix my 2003 pt cruiser power windows when the the rear window works but the front two windows dont?

driver window wont go up

Your rear window won't go up or down all the way in your 2001 Chrysler sebring conv limited Is it the relay switch or the motor?

Is the motor getting power? is the regulator working? The rear windows will not go all the way down. It is a child protection thing. They will only roll down half way.

Why would both the left and right front power windows of a 1995 Buick Century not work when both rear windows do?

Because the master control on the drivers door has separate areas for all windows. Start by checking power feeds at the drivers door switch.

Why would rear electric windows stop working Fuses are OK and isolation button for child safety not on 1995 Land Rover Discovery V8i?

There is a little black box behind the glove compartment that controls the front windows and supplies power to the rear windows, it is very common for a solder joint from the main input connector to the PCB to dry. Hitting this box may temporarily fix the connection and confirm the diagnosis, then replace the box or open it up and repair the joint.

Where is the control for the rear power windows on a Freestar 04?

it is located at the same spot where the four way stop signal is

What fuse number is used for the rear turn signals on a 1998 Chevrolet Camaro?

The turn signals are not fused front and/or rear. If the rear are not working you need to check for power and grounds for the lights.

How can you get the rear windows to go all the way down on a 1993 Pontiac Bonneville with power windows?

If the windows don't go all the way down, it is likely they are designed that way because of the shape of the door and can not be fixed.

How do you lock the rear windows in a 2001 ford windstar?

My 2001 does not have a 'lock' button on the power windows - likely because only the front seat occupants have access to the window controls.

What fuse is the one for the left rear window in your 2000 Subaru Outback Ltd?

According to my wiring diagram the windows are not individually fused. If the other windows are working your answer lies most likely with the motor on that window.