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to gain protection land

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Q: Why did the small states accept the Great Compromise?
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Which two groups was a compromise between the Great Compromise?

Large states and small states

The great compromise settled a dispute between which two groups?

Large and small states

Under the Great Compromise small states were given an advantage in the?


Who masterminded the great compromise and explain what it was about in detail?

The Great Compromise was about Balancing the Big and small States' powers. But I don't know who Masterminded it.

What was the great compromise and the constitutional convention?

The Constitutional convention and Compromises include the three-fifths compromise, the Great Compromise was between the small states, the Commerce Compromise, Slave Trade Compromise, and the election of the President.

How did the great compromise persuade small states to join the union with large states?

equal representation

What was roger Sherman's great compromise?

an agreement between the small states and big or greater states

Which element of The Great Compromise most appealed to the small states?

the magna carta

The great compromise reached at the constitutional convention focused on?

The main focus of the Great Compromise at the Constitutional Convention concerned how states were to be represented in the U.S. Congress. It is also referred to as Sherman's Compromise.

Convention delegates broke the deadlock between large and small states when they approved?

The Great Compromise

What is reconciliation of the interests of the large and small states at the Constitutional Convention is referred to as?

Great Compromise

How many states supported the great compromise?

i don't know this answer that's why im on here