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The federal government did not enforce the Fugitive Slave Law of 1793

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Q: Why did the southerners feel the government was not protecting their interests?
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The republican candidates popularity in the national election of 1856 made southerners?

feel that their national government was fading

How did the southerners feel about the future of slavery in the US?

The Southerners did not feel good about the future of slavery

A broad effort to achieve change by citizens who feel government is not responsive to their interests is called?

social movement

How did the northeast and west and south feel about the government spending money on transportation improvements?

The Northeast and West wanted the government to spend money on transportation to help transport goods. Southerners opposed this because the money to pay for the improvements would come from tariffs, and southerners did not want an increase in tariffs.

Why did the Founders feel that the British government was not protecting their rights?

The Founders felt that the British government was not protecting their rights because the British stopped the colonists' trial in the jury, taxed the colonists without their consent, and didn't always go for common good.

Conservatives resist white southrners feel about changes?

The white Southerners do not like change. The Southerners are set in their own ways.

How did poor white southerners feel about enslaved people?

They felt equal to them

How do you feel when you see the rainbow?

That God is protecting us.

How did white southerners feel about scalawags?

I think they felt a little mischivious and sneaky

How did Americans feel when southerners used violence to stop peaceful protesters?


How do the southerners feel about the bureau?

they felt good because there were more blacks then whites

Why did some southerners feel that industrial growth would benefit the region?

they felt that they were sad