Why did the trout so fascinate Julia?

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What was the climax of Sean OFaolains story The Trout?

The climax of "The Trout" was when Julia climbed out of her window to go rescue the fish from the well.

How do you use 'fascinate' in a sentence?

My dog always tries to fascinate me.My friend tried to fascinate me by doing a magic trick.

Is fascinate a word?

You fascinate me with this question! (Of course it is!)

How do you use fascinate?

To fascinate means to enthrall. Here are some sentences.The shiny necklace should fascinate the baby.I found that a moving string will fascinate a kitten.The sound of a good orchestra will fascinate a music lover.

What is a good sentence for fascinate?

The dog i walked was fascinate

Is fascinate a verb?

Yes, the word fascinate is a verb.

How can you use fascinate in a sentence?

She would continue to fascinate him.

How do you spell fascinate?

That is the correct spelling of "fascinate" (to interest or intrigue).

What is the past tense of fascinate?

Fascinated is the past tense of fascinate.

What does the word fascinate mean?

Fascinate means to awe someone with an interest. Example: Birds fascinate me because of their exquisite feathers.

How does a trout move?

A trout is a fish so it swims

Is trout vertebrate?

A trout has a spine, so is a vertebrate.

How do you use fascinate in a sentence?

The call of the loon never fails to fascinate me. The lure of the sea continues to fascinate men the world over.

What is a sentence for the word fascinate?

To fascinate someone, I show them a magic trick.

What actors and actresses appeared in Love and Trout - 1916?

The cast of Love and Trout - 1916 includes: Julia Dodson Thomas Keogh Wilfred Lytell Jessie Miller

How would you use 'Fascinate' in a sentence?

The technology in this world fascinates me.

Can you make a sentence with the word fascinate?

Rainbows Rainbows fascinate Rainbows Rainbows..!

What is a sentence using the word fascinate?

Watching butterflies never fails to fascinate me.

What is the noun form of fascinate?

The noun forms of the verb to fascinate are fascinationand the gerund, fascinating.

How do you use fascinate in a complex sentence?

Fascinate is a word that describes something mesmerizing. An example of the word fascinate in a complex sentence might be, " The flamethrower and acrobats managed to fascinate the crowd, redirecting their attention from the crisis with the clowns that was going on next door."

What is the root word of fascinate?

Fascinate derives from the Latin fascinare, meaning to enchant or cast a spell.

How do you use fascinate in a sentence that clearly identifies its meaning?

She wanted to fascinate the crowd and leave them awestruck.

What is the abstract noun for fascinate?

The abstract noun forms of the verb to fascinate are fascination and the gerund, fascinating.

Is fascinate an adjective or noun?

The word 'fascinate' is a verb; fascinate, fascinates, fascinating, fascinated.The noun forms of the verb to fascinate are fascination and the gerund, fascinating.The adjective forms of the verb to fascinate are the present participle, fascinating, and the past participle, fascinated.Examples:Her ear piercing fascinated me. (verb)Fascination can lead to destruction. (noun)That's a fascinating fact. (adjective)

How do you explain the color variation in the trout population?

The color variation in the trout is because the trout are camouflaging themselves so they can't be seen by predators. For example in the meadow, trout are in the shadows so their backs will be dark whereas in the rapids it is light so the trouts' back will be light.

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