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To Acquire a better relationship with Europe and increase trading too.

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Q: Why did the us get involved in Kosovo?
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What happened when the us got involved in kosovo?

They screwed everything up

Was the US involved in a war in 1994?

The US was involved with military fly zones over Iraq...Bosnia...Kosovo in or about 1994.

Who is the Ambassador to the US for Kosovo?

Akan Ismaili is the Ambassador to the US for Kosovo.

Why did the us get involved in the kosovo crisis?

The U.S. likely had a few reasons for becoming involved in the Kosovo crisis. According to former President Clinton, it was mainly an economic reason, and the war was supposed to help the U.S. financially by increasing trade with Europe.

Why did the british get involved in the kosovo war?

Through NATO

When did the Kosovo war take place?

The Kosovo war lasted from 28 February, 1998 until 11 June, 1999. It was an armed conflict in Kosovo and involved a rebel group fighting with NATO and Yugoslavia forces.

Were the US actions in Kosovo appropriate?


When did the UN get involved with the bosnian war?

For more detailed answers see: Bosnia/Kosovo

Why did the US become involved in the Kosovo crisis?

The term Kosovo War or Kosovo Conflict is used to describe two sequential, and at times parallel, armed conflicts in Kosovo. Just a couple of years ago very few people in the United States, Russia or Western Europe, beside experts on the Balkans, would have recognized the name Kosovo and still fewer would have known anything about this obscure Serbian province. Since early 1999 all the world?s attention has been concentrated on the events in this hot spot. Clinton spoke in a public meeting about why we were getting involved. He said, trying to get public approval, that the reason the U.S. is getting involved is largely an economical reason. He said that this war would help the U.S. financially. By getting involved, we would become partners with Europe, thus increasing a trade relationship.

What countries got involved in yugoslavian civil war?

Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo, Crotia etc...

What is the Welsh for 'Kosovo'?


What 2 countries where mostly involved in the cold war?

Yugoslavia and Kosovo. This is wrong the two countries involved from WWII to 1991 was the United States and Russia (USSR).

Who won the Kosovo War?

Kosovo won the kosovo war

Who won the war in Kosovo?

Kosovo won the kosovo war

Does the US recognize Kosovo as a independent state form Serbia?

Yes. The United States was one of the first nations to recognize the independence of the Republic of Kosovo.

Who is the Minister of the Kosovo Security Force for Kosovo?

Agim Ceku is the Minister of the Kosovo Security Force for Kosovo.

If you are from Kosovo are you kosovian?

If you are from Kosovo, you are a Kosovan.

Where is the embassy in the US?

where do I send papers in america to bring my husband to america from kosovo..

What is kosovo a republic of?

Kosovo is today mostly controlled by KLA or Kosovo Liberation Army. KLA is an albanian terrorist group, today supported by US and NATO, based on religious and ethnic hatred towards Serbs and Greeks, and has on many occasions committed genocide against those ethnic groups. When in 1998 Serbian Armed Forces attempted to attack the KLA who were at that point harassing and slaughtering both Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo, NATO bombed the Republic of Serbia. Eventually the Armed Forces had to retreat from Kosovo as the bombings were intentionally killing civilians. In 2008 Kosovo declared independence, which was supported by most countries of NATO, but rejected as illegal by most world nations. China, Brazil and Russia strongly opposed the US support to a terrorist group, and a few days later Russian Armed Forces arrived to Kosovo, pushing the UN and US "peace forces" to leave most sections of Kosovo. Today the question of Kosovo remains unresolved, but it does not, and will never have independence.

Who was the US secretary of state who played a key role in the Kosovo crisis?

Madeleine Albright

Who embassy deal kosovo visa in Pakistan?

Pakistan & kosovo not diplomatic realation Pakistan not eaxapted kosovo

Who is stronger kosovo or Serbia?

Kosovo we won the war.

Is there Christians in kosovo?

Yes! Kosovo is christian ortodox.

What is Kosovo national animal?

Kosovo does not have a national animal.

What is the demonym of Kosovo?

A person from Kosovo is called a Kosavar.